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Showcasing The Max Foundation through Social Media

‘Social Media’ – We all are familiar with the word. Social Media has become an integral part of today’s life and has tremendously grown in the last few years. Today everyone uses social media for various reasons. Social Media has its own advantages and disadvantages. If used correctly, it is an important tool to reach […]

World CML Day 2016 Celebration in African regions

World CML has been celebrated around the world on September 22th.  In Africa it was celebrated in the same spirit of Hope, Dignity and Happiness .  Most of the patients groups treated their physicians with sweets . These events would not be possible without our very  proactive, relentless patient leaders and Max Stations who work very hard for their groups. All the support groups thank Max Foundation for the support they have done and they still do throughout the years . Here is a glimpse of the events celebrated in different african regions , pictures speak for themselves . What a joyful moments !!!! All these cake look very yummy CML Day in Niger with A.L.L ,Mr Alioune as Patient Leader CML Day in Ghana with CLMLAG, Mr Gershon as Patient Leader CML Day in Kenya with Henzo, Mr Ferdinand as Patient leader. CML Day in Madagascar with Asssociation Fanomezana LMC ,Mr Eric as patient leader                            CML Day in Mali with CML Espoir, Mr Mamadou as patient leader CML Day in Morocco with A.M.A.L, Mrs. Bahija as Patient leader CML Day in Nigeria with Max Care,Mrs Eunice as patient leader CML Day in Tanzania with Anatoria as Patient leader CML Day in Togo with NGO APSBESTG, Mr. Thomas as Patient Leader CML day Senegal with A.G.I.L du Senegal CML Day in South Africa with CMLSA withTrevor as Patient Leader  

MLC 2016 Telling Your Story – its Therapeutic Value

Add caption We began conducting Story Telling Workshops at the Patient Support Group meetings early this year. There was a specific rationale behind this decision . Most of our meetings always did have a segment where patients or caregivers would come up on the stage or podium and share their testimonials with the group. There […]

World CML Day 2016 – India Diary

Fifteen years is a long time if you come to think of it . A three year old child becomes an 18 year old , an 18 year old becomes a householder and a 30 year old goes into middle age while middle aged couples become grandparents . Phases of life , of growth and […]

MaxSmiles: Celebration of Life 2016 … We are 9 years together

MaxSmiles Newsletter Working Bee, September 17th, 2016. This is the first time, that Novartis Thailand was working with the MaxSmiles Team Leader to produce the 17th issue.  We produced 4,500 copies of the newsletter, which 4,000 stamp for mailing out to the members’ door.  The production of producing the newsletter has been delaying, so we […]

The story of Jose

The story of Jose “Hope is a talent, like any other” -S. Jameson Let me introduce you Jose, he is a CML patient that has surprised me in many ways. My first approach to him was on 2013, when he gladly wanted to participate in Day by Day program. My monthly phone calls seemed very […]

First Tanzania Patient’s Meeting – PCR Awareness & Education After 5 years since the 1st patient meeting and after two months of planning the meeting on phone with the physicians, patient leader and the patients and speaking all the Swahili I know in this world the day finally arrived; the first PCR Awareness and Education […]

The Miracle was born in Cambodia … Max Miracle

It took me so long to compose this blog… I do not what – why – how …. Maybe it was a reason, but I just could not remember.   Anyway, here you are..  The Celebration of Life Cambodia…  was held on 25th March 2014 at Mercy Medical Center. If you are the big fan […]

Free Hugs on World CML Day

As early as 5:30 in the morning on September 25th, the patients and caregivers of Touched by Max started coming together at the Quezon City Memorial Complex.  The place is one of the busiest national park especially on weekends. Thousands of people come to participate in different outdoor activities such as zumba, biking, and ball […]

We’re the A-P Team!

Have you ever wondered how it feels like meeting different kinds of people pursuing the same goal? For me, it’s a rewarding experience when I attended my first Asia Pacific Region Team Meeting from 7 September – 10 September 2016. The meeting offers us an opportunity to relate to a bigger picture of The Max Foundation’s […]