Here is one for all those creative souls out there!!!!!

Hi, Our organization is in urgent need of a very specific pilot program that would link the community of people here in Edmonds to a hospital in one of “our countries”. Here are the specifics of the request: 1. Something that children being treated with cancer can use or appreciate; 2. It also needs to […]

TMF Programs: featuring the Wristband Program

This post is especially useful for Program Officers and MaxStations. In the last year we placed special attention to defining programs of TMF. If you go to PINC resources and type The Max Foundation, you will see several programs under our organization. These are all programs specifically available for patients. From time to time I […]

In Remembrance of our loved ones

March 9th will soon be here, the day we lost Max to CML… Throughout the last few days I have been remembering this week 17 years ago. It is stuck in my mind as if it happened yesterday. Our saddness, his acceptance, his courage, our devastation… Now we have The Max Foundation. The last 6 […]