A Sharing Story

Hi, as you know, last week I was in Seattle, in the LATAM team meeting. There, all the Seattle team was telling us that it will be great to share this little touching stories that we hear day by day. So here I am, sharing this really great story, for one unkwnown hero. My office […]

Meeting the newest TMF baby

We all enjoyed seeing Erin and her “people” last Friday! Ruby was in her best charming behavior and Luca was just looking adorable. The Latam team had a nice chance to visit with them. Viji, I was telling Erin that Ruby is the “Viji” type: 100 percent social and charming

Latam meeting pictures

Thanks again to Mariana, Patty and Xiomara for comming all the way here to Edmonds, it was a very fun and productive week. Thanks to Pat for let us have this regional meetings and thanks to the team here in Edmonds for making last week very productive and smoth.

Good press for TMF and GIPAP in the Philippines

From Nelia this morning: Hi Pat and Danielle- This news article came out today. The original article has the group photo of patients taken during the 6th GIPAP. Happy reading! Nelia Nelia Medina is sharing this article with you. Click the link below to read the article. Celebrating life, saving and improving lives

Budding Journalists in the MaxIndia Office

All through these years at MaxIndia we have been trying to make the agenda of our meetings as different and varied as possible from the previous ones in the hope that these new experiences will help and benefit our patients and caregivers as well as us. In 2007 we had celebrated Max’s birthday in the […]

OMG, it’s Danielle’s birthday today!

With all the commotion we forgot to make the announcement! Happy birthday Danielle! Senior PO!

Opening day of the Latam MaxStation Workshop

As some of you know, this week we are hosting the Latam team here in Edmonds (minus Ines who had last minute passport issues). Susana, Danielle, Paula and the entire team have been working hard to put together every detail to make this week productive and enjoyable. As it is customary, the first day went […]

Racognition to TMF in Mexico

The AMEH (The Mexican Agrupation for the Hematology Research) completed 50 years of working with all the hematologists of Mexico, and for their aniversary the President Dr. Raul Cano (also a GIPAP physician) decided to make a huge event, where The Max Foundation was part of. In Mexico, the health system is very complex, and […]

Keep blogging!

No need to email the team once you post something! Craig has changed the settings so we all get an automatic copy of the post in an email. Do come to post comments!

It’s a pleasure to join TMF team!

Hello MaxStations! It is a pleasure and an honor to be working with all the wonderful staff at TMF. The TMF story and the patients helped by the programs are inspiring to hear and read about. I look forward to helping nurture and grow the relationships we have around the world. Assisting patients with treatment, […]

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