Interesting Article About Adherence

I would like to share with you the abstract and highlights of an interesting publication about adherence. This is the first published study of these variables, and it was supported by research funding from Novartis to Matrix45. Prevalence, determinants, and outcomes of nonadherence to imatinib therapy in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia: The ADAGIO study […]

Wristbands, Wristbands, get excited!!!!! :)

Hello!, I want to share some pictures of our Friday Wristband Carnival at the office. Angeli and I put together some games and decoration so everybody gets excited about this program. You can offer the fundraising tool to individual patients, patient groups and other associations.

Mexico and the swine flu;┬┐an epidemic?

Hi, I don’t know if you have heard something in the news this weekend. But I want to share this situation that I have never seen in my country. Mexico has been attacked with the swine flu. We have a big alert. The government shut down schools, museums, theaters, concerts and even the most important […]

CML Earth and Earth Day

Hello Everyone! As most of you know people around the world celebrated the wonders of the Earth on Wed. the 22nd of April for Earth Day. Here at TMF in Edmonds, we celebrated Earth Day as well as the introduction of CML Earth. We took a quick break from our daily work and tried our […]

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.

Last weekend I spent with the Friends of Max of the Bangalore Chapter who had planned a special community service event and I am very proud and happy to share this with all of you.Karunashraya, or, The Abode of Compassion is a hospice on the outskirts of this city known as the IT hub of […]

Thank God It’s Friday! (T.G.I.F)

Beginning April 17th and every Friday thereafter, all leukemia patients and their caregivers specifically non-GIPAP patients are invited to participate in a support group meeting. Through the encouragement of Pat and my PO, Danielle, TMF in Manila will host a regular sharing session with patients to foster mutual support, comfort and friendship. Our 1st meeting […]

Meeting with Dr. Dan Vasella

On March 17th, I got a surprise call from the local Novartis requesting me to invite two GIPAP patients who would give thank you message to no other than Dr. Dan Vasella. The meeting was on the very next day. I immediately called the TBM President who gladly accompanied Mavi, his 12-year old son to […]

My experience with the compliance program

Two weeks ago we finally started in Venezuela the “Compliance Program”. It is a pilot project for patients who are having problems with adherence to Glivec or Tasigna treatment and newly CML diagnosed patients. Talking to the patients in regards to the causes of their problems with adherence has been very interesting. Some of the […]

Ayeshah & I (Sisters in the service of Max)

On the 5th of April, 2009, Ayeshah Dadachanji of Max India, Mumbai, landed at Kochi. And she was promptly whisked away to my home by me. What followed surprised even the die hard fans of Viji, our country head for India, that we both are. Viji had phoned me two weeks earlier, telling me she […]

Barretstown – wondeful magic land

“When I saw Barretstown Castle I knew this was where I wanted the first European Hole in the Wallcamp to be. I imagined a kind of medieval bazaar where children from different countries could raise a little hell together.”Paul Newman, Founder Barretstown is a specially designed camp, providing a programme of adventure, activities and fun […]

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