With Children of a lesser God

Michael Vedamuthu , FOM core group leader from Chennai has always taken the concept of community service to a very elevated level. Whether it is presenting his inspirational testimonials at group meetings or giving his all during the All India Meetings no matter where it is held, to his services to his peers in his […]

Heads Up: our upcoming initiative to collect signatures for the World Cancer Declaration

The World Cancer Declaration (WCD) is a plan of action to help substantially reduce the global cancer burden by 2020 and increase cancer’s visibility on the international political agenda. It was launched last year at the UICC meeting in Geneva. Those of us who were there signed it right then. Now there is an opportunity […]

A great story

Oscar is 27 years old. I met him in my recent trip to Mexico and his story is one of those stories that must be told: We first learned about Oscar 3 years ago. He was 24 and had made the decision to go from his home country of Honduras to the US where his […]

CHENNAI MEET 19TH JULY 2009 Hello Chennaiiii !!! screamed poor Beena out the window of the car sent to pick her up around 10 ish on the night of July17th . Not a friendly whisper in reply. (Just kidding. J) Chennai goes to bed early !! Things changed rapidly thereafter. On reaching the guesthouse where […]

My first meeting with Rakesh

Thank you Viji for your loving post about Rakesh. I know many MaxStations have lost dear patient friends. I thank you for your courage and for not being afraid of loving and of showing your emotions. We are grateful for this opportunity we have had in the past 8 years to get to meet some […]

Pat at AMELEG’s art-therapy session in Mexico City

Pat visit Mexico last week, it was one of her flash trips, landing on thursday evening and leaving on saturday evening. We had some meetings with Novarts BU Head, we visit one of our GIPAP physicians and then we eat lunch in AMANC. It was a busy friday, but what we were more excited of, […]

T-MF kicked off “Champion” Project last Saturday!

Last Saturday, 18 July 09, we have organized another CML Maximize Life Workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Together with the patient core group, we have kicked off our “Champion” Project – which is adding some fun and yet motivating element to the workshop.I would like to share with all of you about this project. What is […]

Rakesh Nagpal Trustee FOM 1960 – 2009

Death be not Proud “What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant? That she loved Mozart and Bach, the Beatles, and me? “What touched me most about these lines from Love Story was the finality of the loss. Now, decades after I first read it and in […]

Friends of Max Mumbai Meeting – 12th July

12th July saw 185 Mumbaikars come together at the Friends of Max meeting in the Bombay Hospital Auditorium. This wonderful venue has become our hallmark meeting place !!Our friends from the Pune Chapter also participated in full force. The day began with everyone giving and receiving warm and love filled hugs. The morning began with […]

Monsoon Winds In Mumbai!

Monsoon season in Mumbai and the rain’s been coming down hard, on most days, but it doesn’t compare to the previous years is what I’m told. So when we could see some clear skies, yesterday, we went for a short, after lunch, walk. That’s Nicole, in the blue t-shirt, she’s volunteering with us. Back to […]

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