Art project in Saint Petersburg 31 hospital

Saint-Petersburg met me with hot bright sun and fresh air from the great Neva river. I brought a lot of arts and crafts stuff to the children from 31 Hospital. Thanks to the grant I’ve got form our foundation I could buy many of coloured things (pens and papers) for kids to create! There were […]

Haematology Update: What was new at EHA/ASCO/EBMT – 2009

We were invited to attend the “Haemotology Update: What was new at EHA/ASCO/EBMT 2009” which was held at the Bombay hospital on Sunday, July 5, 2009. This programme was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Mohan B. Agarwal, the Head of Department of Haemotology, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Science, Mumbai. He is actively involved […]

A Regular Day In The Life Of MaxIndia

Being the newest member of the MaxIndia Team and also someone who’s new to this city and environment (I come with 9 years of experience in the Telecom Sector), this happiness all-around, all the time, is new to me. Every day, we meet people who have been taking the drug for years and also people […]

Welcome back Erin. I am sure that Luca will be shining star of your family. Thank you for sharing lovely pictures.


This is a small report I sent to the India team for sharing basic gyan ( knowledge)and khabar (news) and Danielle thought I could post in in the blog so here goes ….an edited version of course for you know how I can get very carried away ..The New Horizons in Treating Cancer conference for […]

I’m back!

Dear TMF family, Just wanted to share that I have officially returned to work full time now. You may have noticed that I was never really offline. During the last two months, I have actually been working part time from home on a special art gallery project for the website that I will write to […]

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