In the memory of…

Dear Maxteam, please join me in the memory of two young children who didn’t win their battle against cancer… Just I came back from the Summit, I found out that two beautiful girls i was care about has passed away in a very grave condition… We can talk, we can gather on the summits, we […]

First glimpse on the Global Cancer Summit!

MaxSmiles Outstation Patient Support Group Meeting.

As one of my goals during my review last year, that I would like to have patient support group meeting in two more regions. This year I have got a new member in the team who I hope will assist me on patient support group since MaxSmiles still do not have leader and co-group.We did […]

With Love in every stitch

Hats Project came to it’s end

Dear Max Family! The Hats Project came to end. On this week I launched it in Childrens Cancer Hospital in Moscow and continued in 31 Hospital in St. Petersburg. There are more than 180 kids with different blood cancers from 1 to 18 years old. Now I want to tell some words about St. Petersburg […]

HATS!!!! HATS!!!! HATS!!!! PHOTOS!!!

Dear Max team, there are just some more photos with hats project! Enjoy!


As you know we launched the new project “With Love in every stitch”. For three months ladies from “all around America” has been knitting fantastical hats for children having chemotherapy. We expected just 100 hats but the ladies couldn’t stop knitting!! At the end of July I’ve got two big boxes full of hats with […]


Hi everybody, I am Patty, the Maxstation for Central America & Caribbean. In spite of a caotic political situation, The Cancer Center Emma Romero de Callejas at Tegucigalpa city, capital of Honduras, Central America, carried out an activity to motivate patients, relatives and also care givers, an art therapy session “Maximize Life”. They did the […]

“Nastenka Foundation” art project. A photo post.

The Moscow art project was not so crazy as the St. Petersburgs. The kids were very calm and concentrated. Just enjoy the photos! And just today when I visited hospital I’ve made the mobile photos of the girl. She was 15 today. Victoria- a birthday girl! That’s me with fair hair! And this is just […]


Hi, I am the Maxstation for Central America and Caribbean and I received a case on Help about a beautiful girl with Hodkings lynfoma. She had received quimioteraphy and now she needed urgently a PET SCAN and also radiation teraphy. Her name is Mirna Amabel Castillo, she is 23 years old, her father is a […]