The Edmonds team goes crazy celebrating the holidays

Some of you might not know this, but every year, the TMF Edmonds team throws a holiday party in which Board members and staff and families get together to celebrate. For the last few years this party has been at my house, on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. This year we decided to try out karaoke….and […]

Thanksgiving – the Joy of just giving

Young Mangesh was approved into NOA last week and he came with his mother, a daily wage earner , yesterday, to collect his first supply. Very normal , routine process of course as it is with any new case that undergoes the process of applying , getting verified , undergoing the evaluaution process and being […]

Randy Pausch, Last Lecture , a video to share

Hi TMF Family, I saw this video in Youtube, it is a show of Oprah, about this person, Randy Pausch, (October 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008) who had a pancreatic cancer. He was an American professor of computer science and human-computer interaction and design at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pausch learned […]

Celebration of Life Venezuela

Finally… the most expected event in Caracas took place jejejeje Las saturday 14th, we joined with patients, relatives, friends and associations to celebrate life. It was really hard to organize this event because we wanted to celebrate in a park and all of them were taken until 2010, however I found a great heart of […]


Last but no less, this is my final Celebration of life for 2009. This time in Tapachula (30 min from our frontier with Guatemala). Most of the patients from this GIPAP clinic, are indigenous, they even talk some local languages (totzil and tzetzal); with very strong customs, which made them a very speciall GIPAP comunity. […]

3rd Celebration of Life in Mexico: GUADALAJARA

After 6 hours driving, trough a beautiful highway, I arrived to Guadalajara (I didn’t take a plane because I was carrying heavy material). I was ready for the patients meeting. There is a group there, called Grupo Unido de Leucemia (United Leukemia Group), formed by patients from GIPAP and patients with social security. I arrived […]

Gujarat FOM this year had decided to celebrate Max’s birth anniversary in the pediatric ward of the Civil hospital(Gujarat Cancer Research Institute) in Ahemdabad.This capital city of Gujarat is one hour’s journey from Mumbai by air, and this was also the first time I was ever traveling alone for an FOM group meeting.30th October 2009 […]

Celebration of life in Toluca, Mexico

There is a city 1 hour far from Mexico City, it is called Toluca. Some patients from there use to travel every month to the patients meeting with AMELEG. But they have been in touch with other patients, that cannot affort the travel expenses every month. So, they decided to start having their own meetings. […]

MaxSmiles – Celebration of Life 2009

36th of Max’s Birthday together with 2nd Year Anniversary of MaxSmiles and the Celebration of Life 2009. Dear TMF Family Members,MaxSmiles might be a name that slowly becomes familiar to you in recent years. We have started from a small picnic party in a park in the afternoon with 9 patients, 15 caregivers, 1 volunteer, […]

Celebration of Life in Hanoi, Vietnam 2009

Friendship without Border. Dear TMF family members, Some of you may have seen my out of office respond said that I gone on helping the first Vietnamese patient support group meeting in Hanoi. Yes, I made a trip to visit Hanoi to help two CML Vietnamese to start the first meeting and the support group. […]