Join me in helping a little girl!

Dear friends! I need your help and emotional support for a little girl suffering from blood cancer. Some words about the girl. Her name is Irina. She lives in Ukraine. She is 9 years old now. Three years ago she has got leukemia. During these years she has passed through several chemo blocks and auto […]

In solidarity with the people of Haiti

We all have seen the horror unfolding in Haiti. I want to let you know that we have been in contact with our partner organization in Haiti, Partners in Health ( ), and are making a $5,000.00 donation in support of people living with blood cancer in Haiti. The grant comes out of our patient […]

Sharing a special New Year Resolution

I am sure Manmohan will not mind this sharing of his innermost thoughts – Manmohan whose name means one who pleases and comforts every heart ; every mind . The name which Krishna’s devotees called him with love and devotion. Krishna too, had everyone swooning at his feet with his charm and compassion.Our Manmohan , […]