I have a dream …

Asma with her parents Asma with her family members Asma with Her Parents Asma at Working Station I have a dream …She was a smart young girlAlways absorbed in innocent thoughts and actsSwiftly moving through the gardens and the meadowsTalking to flowers and catching butterfliesBustling with life and joyCarrying a rainbow in her stoleThen suddenly […]


Brigadier Dr R N Dutta one of the senior most GIPAP physicians in India died on the 2nd of this month. he was ailing and well past his eight decade in this world but still the news came as a shock. He was so beloved to all of us. This was the message we sent […]

Helpful links for siblings whose brothersister has died

Dear friedns, as you maybe know, my dearest friend Timur Avanesov has passed away in New Year’s Eve in Israel. He was struggling cancer for two years. He has got BMT. But he did not pass anyway. I was supporting him all these days and now I provide emotional support to his mother and youngest […]

World cancer Day Feb 4th

WORLD CANCER DAY- 4th February, 2010Function Held at Lakeshore Hospital – NOA/GIPAP Centre in KochiLakeshore Hospital hosted a Meet in their Auditorium on 4th February, 2010 to observe World Cancer Day. I was lucky enough to be invited to the function. It was a moment of great pride to me that I could represent TMF […]

Cancer Awareness in MI office

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. We always have discussions during lunch or when we go for walk during lunch time. These discussions are sometimes work related and some times non work related and this is how we get to learn a lot […]

A Courageous Boy

A Courageous Boy Fayyaz Ali with his father and uncle The case history I have selected as our example from Pakistan of our Best Practice is an accomplishment we are proud of. This is a success story of a ten-year boy patient Fayyaaz ‘Ali. Coming from a poor background in a village near Sukkur city, […]

The embracing fire!!

Hi everybody, I wnat to share you the way a patient’s cousin visualizes us. Fernando Perez Mosqueda is one of the most committed patients; you can see him in the Colors of Hope book. He never fails to AMELEG’s meetings, and sometimes his parents (Fernando is 43 years old) assist with him, even when they […]