Cases, patients, friends..

Have you ever noticed the border where patients become friends? Las week one of my patients has come to Moscow to make some tests and to visit his treating physician. As the patient is a little child he came with hhis mother. That was Stanislav, 7 years old already, cancer survivor. I recall that it […]

Last Subject Approved & Other Gooey Stuff

Last Friday was a very important day in my life. As some of you know, I’m studying Psychology in uni. I finished classes in 2008, but I still had some exams to sit for in order to get the title. Health problems and other boring stuff prevented me from doing this before. Luckily, and after […]

Updated CML management recommendation from ELN, 2010

Our day in – day out work is very much direct related to CML, so I believe some reading on the related topic will definitely help in our work. Of course not giving medical advice, but with some knowledge, it definitely help ourselves to provide the best possible services to the people we are trying […]