YOU HAVE TO SEE THE PHOTOS TO BELIEVE IT: THE MAX FOUNDATION HAS PLEDGED TO COLLECT OVER 10,000 SIGNATURES FOR THE WORLD CANCER DECLARATION!!!  Yup, you heard me right!  With all of UICC’s members and congressionals as our witnesses, Pat, Viji and Mei Ching have pledged on our behalf that we will reach the PLATINUM LEVEL of signatures […]

UICC 2010, here we are – the posters! (by MC, posted by Erin)

This entry is written by Mei Ching and posted by Erin: I am writing from warm Shenzhen right now – Pat, Viji and I are here attending UICC 2010 which is taking place from 17 – 21 August. On 18 August we have presented 2 posters: One on Utilizing Social Media In Combination with Low […]

Mumbai FOM Meeting 2010 Mumbai, the city of dreams for millions in India. On a rainy morning of 7th August 2010, we had the FOM Mumbai meeting at the very famous Bombay Hospital, established by R.D. Birla in 1950. The Max India team reached the venue around 8.30am, the registration desk and all other arrangements […]

Thanks for blogging, and Shenzhen here we come

Thanks Sasha in Russia, Sharon in India, Ann and everyone else who is blogging. The posts have been inspiring and overwhelming. I know we are all soooo busy at the moment and I hear so many great things happening all over the world, I wish we could share them all here. Please do share, especially […]

Celebration in the honour to the Max Foundation

Dear team, I’m sure you all saw the “Song to Max” blog. Following this blog I want to share the whole story with you. In March 2010 our foundation decided to give a grant to the patient group from Uzbekistan. The grant was given to pay for the BCR-ABL tests in Moscow laboratory for 15 […]

Tribute Wall In Max India Office

Nelia’s tribute wall inspired us and we too decided to launch the Maximise Life Campaign in house . We have started collecting messages and tributes from visitors , patients and caregivers and Here we go… Already about 50 tributes From yesterday we have been requesting people to sign the tributes and give us their messages […]

Song for Max

Little GIPAP patient from Uzbekistan was impressed by Max’s story and he composed a song, devoted to Max. The boy presented his song on the big event. The event was hold as a thanks to The Max Foundation for the payment of BCR-ABL tests in Moscow Hematology lab for 15 children.

Gifts from China

Between 2008 and 2010, Darlene and I worked with a family in China whose child was in need of an autologous stem cell transplant. It is a story I know you have all heard in the course of our work… “My son suffered nose bleeding while he was in school. He was inspected on March […]

More Blood for the Needy

On August 5th, my first bloodletting outside Metro Manila was held at the Aquinas University of Legaspi. It was a joint project between TMF, Department of Health and the Student Council. I learned that this part of the country does not seem to have problem with blood supply unlike in Manila. The DOH has agreed […]

severe Flood in Pakistan

A new wave of monsoon comes in Pakistan causes torrential rains in all parts of the country, a number of cities and villages have been under flood and thousand of peoples lost their lives. This is the ever worst flood in our country’s history. Most of the highways are inundated and closed for traffic. The […]

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