Campaign Planning Meeting-Lahore

“If you fail to Plan this mean You Plan to fail”Maximize Life event is very important for us to create awareness among all stakeholders concerned in either way with Cancer or Cancer related persons. To make the Maximize Life events more meaningful and result oriented, a planning meeting with active KIRAN Patient Group volunteers was […]

Scientists and physicians pay tribute to survivors at ESH

Danielle and I are just back from the US Washington DC launch of the campaign, with a booth and a tribute wall at the ICMLF – ESH International Conference on CML. We met old friends and new ones. Dr Hermant Malhotra, one of our physicians in India was happy to write a tribute, as well […]

Love and care across the ocean.

Hello team! Just see these happy faces and you will understand how much fun we had during trying hats on! Yestarday I visited dormitories near BMT hospital where children and mothers live between chemotherapies and just having rest after hard treatment. Mothers invited me to the dinner and we were chatting and laughing and joking. […]

Russia has started the Campaign!

“Nastenka” Foundation – my dearest friends as the partner of the Campaign has started collecting signatures on the Festival “Seasons”. The weather was fine and there were a lot of people on the festival. Together with “Nastenka” volunteers we were collecting signatures and telling people of the importance of this action. People donated money to […]

Launch of FOM Maximize Life Campaign in India

The Friends of Max 2010 Maximize Life Campaign was launched at the regional meeting in Kolkata on the 19th September. The event was a means to bring together survivors and their families to share and learn from each other and spread the message of courage and compassion. Over three hundred and seventy people braved the […]

Two awesome videos for use in campaign events

This year for the campaign we are going all out! To support your efforts of organizing awareness events and celebrations, we are making 2 videos available to you. Here is a sneak peak of them. Watch and enjoy and please feel free to use during your events. They are being saved onto the FTP under […]

Gathering Tributes Garnering Courage

It has been an exhilirating experience for all of us working on the Tribute Wall again this year. One of the most important realisation for all of us is the fact that every one has somehting to say and share . Simple yet profound , survivors and care givers, physicians and other visitors to the […]

MaxStation Contribution in National Disaster

The flooding began in late July, when torrential monsoon rains soaked much of Pakistan. The country is struggling to come to grips with the country’s worst natural disaster in its recent history. Over 1,760 Pakistanis have lost their lives and eight million people are currently dependent on handouts for their survival as a result of […]

Om Ganeshaya Namaha!

Ganesh, the elephant headed son of Shiva and Parvati is believed to be the Hindu Lord of Good Fortune and Destroyer of Obstacles of a material or spiritual order. Ganesh Chaturthi, which falls on September 11 this year, is widely celebrated as his birthday and the Ganesh puja festival lasts for 10 days.The celebration was […]

The truth about China

So what did we really do in China ?Well Shenzhen to be exact; the poor man’s Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur is what I would call it. A newbie South Asia city nevertheless , a thirty years new/ old modern urban statement ; one of those special economic zones that just grew up to be […]

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