Celebration of Life 2010, Max’s Vie, Hanoi, Vietnam

I have a great oppotunity to help Vietnamese CML supporting group to have their celebration again this year. I believe that most of readers would not like to read a long story, so I will keep my writing short but add more photos which the photos speak more than words. Cong and Lan, two learders, […]

Highlighting Stories

HIGHLIGHTING THE STORIES(A BRIEF WRITE UP ON THREE TESTIMONIALS DURING 4TH KERALA MEET, KOCHI- 24TH OCTOBER, 2010) Rosamma was diagnosed with GIST in 2008 and was referred to an oncologist near her place of residence. The physician who examined her and saw her reports said that she will not survive even a month and that […]

Kerala FOM Meet % Maximizing Life Celebration 2010

BEST MEET , HURRAY !!!!! (4TH KERALA FOM MEET $ MAXIMIZE LIFE CELEBRATION) All of the past 6 months it has been raining here in Kochi. Dim daylight, flooded roads, and a dull life mostly indoors had become the monotonous way of daily life. Amidst this gloom came the 4th Kerala FOM Meet, like a […]

Maximizing and Spreading Life – ALMA grows and conquers!

Since the beginning of this year, ALMA’s growth spurt has gone rampant and, thus, the group has arrived at three different cities of the country, as part of a campaign called “Spreading Life” (Contagiando Vida). In September and October, The Max Foundation and ALMA joined campaigns, and so our goal became to Maximize and Spread […]

Tribute from Islamic International University, Islamabad

Millions of precious lives are taken away, each year, by the merciless cancer in Pakistan. The number is still increasing in this developing country. However, this number could be decrease by just a little awareness, caution and protection. This is where the Kiran volunteer group comes in. We work hard and diligently against this small […]

Talisay City College Paid Tribute to Cancer Survivors

Our bloodletting in Talisay City College in Cebu on October 5, 2010 (two days after we had the Celebration of Life in the same province) was quite a different experience from the previous bloodletting we had in the past. The bloodletting activity was held in the college gym just at the same time the school […]

Talisay City College in Cebu Paid Tribute to Cancer Survivors


Cebuanos Joined the Maximize Life Cancer Awareness Campaign

Last Last October 3, 2010, cancer survivors and caregivers from the province of Cebu gathered once again to celebrate life and joined the world in the Maximize Life Cancer Awareness Campaign. Some of the TBM officers took the plane to show their full support to the core group. One of the highlights of the event […]

Shy children from Uzbekistan

One day during my trip in Uzbekistan I devoted to the Children’s Hospital . Dr. Kazakbaeva and her assistant Nargiza introduced me to the children’s oncologists and families. We gathered children in the small playing room to present them with beautiful hats. Children looked surprised and puzzled. They looked at me as I am an […]

To Max with love – Salman Khan

Salman Khan in India needs no introduction and maybe outside India too, to those who follow news from Bollywood (the name given to the Hindi film industry in Bombay) his is a familiar name.A screen idol and box office darling ever since he hit the scene maybe 15 years ago , today he is the […]

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