Charity Bazaar, Baku, Azerbaidjan

Hi team! Just few words about Azerbajdjan patient group. Together with Lala Abbasova – patient group leader we organized Charity Bazaar in fashionable evening dresses boutique. Lala and her friends collected old things (DVDs, dolls, bijouterie, bags and vases etc.) to sell them out to visitors. The date of the vent was specially selected as […]

CELEBRATIONS OF LIFE IN CENTRAL AMERICA Asopaleu, Guatemala, Central America held his celebration of life in hospital San Juan De Dios, where patients, health care personnel, and family shared a pleasant time together, sharing love and experiences. UNA VOZ CONTRA EL CANCER , joined The Max Foundation at Guatemala, Central America and together gave conferences […]

Colombia knows how to Maximize Life

The association Esperanza Viva from Bucaramanga, Colombia decided to Maximize Life in two ways this October. First, Nury (president and survivor) made a party for families to forget for a while about their diagnosis. They voted for a queen, they dance, they shared their experiances after the diagnosis and they had a wonderful time. Then, […]

Cancer fighters from Ecuador

Francisca is a cancer survivor and she is a brave woman that is taking action in Ecuador. A few years ago she and a group of cancer patients decided to go to one of the main Avenues in Guayaquil, Ecuador to make awareness among the citizens. She and her group decided to start walking in […]

Maximize Life campaign events around Africa

Mauritius – Awareness campaign pictures from Victoria Hospital Creative use of UICC button by a child in the children’s wing of Victoria Hospital in Mauritius Sudan – Emtithal and her volunteers getting ready for Maximize Life that took place on October 19, 2010 Emtithal and two patient volunteers Emtithal and two volunteers Emtithal and a […]

Organizing in NoVA

“A good beginning is half the battle” My mom has always been an inspiration to me.  Growing up, members of the Korean community would often come to her for help.  I remember driving women to shelters who needed to leave their abusive husbands.  Others would come with immigration papers in hand asking for advice, and […]

Thank you for the campaign and “now what?”

With October behind us I can hear us all saying “wow, that was intense”; “why did I say I would do this?”, and “this is quite unbelievable”. The truth is, most of us were not prepared for the intensity of the campaign and most of us were quite amazed at the energy and enthusiasm generated […]

Cold, Windy but FUN!

Irkutsk took part in the Global Cancer Awareness CampanyDear Max Team! Sorry for the delay with the report about our event in far away part of Russia. The time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk is 6 hours! This city is located in Siberia close to Baikal lake – the most beautiful and the deepest lake […]

Learning something new.

I always felt sorry for the newbie (the new person) in the office. Having been in my previous position for many years I did feel sympathy for the newcomer who had to learn so many things; the names of everyone in the office, the names of the clients, company protocol, jargon related to the field […]

And so this celeberatory month comes to an end

So the special month is over and with it so are all the wonderful, each – one – better- than -the – last Maximise Life events that we have orchestrated world over. As I sit down to share with all of you the last one in India I really am at a loss for words. […]

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