World Cancer Day – A celebration in South Africa

World Cancer Day could not go by without us celebrating the lives of those courageous people involved in the battle with cancer so today we had a party… It was not just any old party there were; lions and elephants, rhinos and giraffes and even a fairy princes or two. We had to be careful […]

How to give bad news to a patient and family

I would like to share with all of you part of the information I received in a course of palliative care as a complement to my job, which has been very useful for myself in the everyday contact with patients and their families. Palliative care should be available to anyone who is in any stage […]

Jumble Day!

Or as Nataliya liked to call it, “Mumbo Jumbo” Day… The Global PO’s recently decided to initiate what we’ve lovingly referred to as “Jumble Day”.  Some of you may have received an email from another PO about today’s GIPAP queues.  Here’s a brief description of why, how, when and what for Jumble Day… Why: To help with […]