We made it again! 2nd Patient Congress for People Living with CML, Malaysia

Well, I am writing this report from this lovely city called Kuching, East Malaysia; which is about 2 hours traveling time by flight from Kuala Lumpur. For the 2nd year, Patient Congress for People Living with CML was successfully took place in conjunction with Malaysia Society of Haematology Scientific Meeting. It took place yesterday, 28th […]

South Latam goes Two Point Oooohhh…

ALMA, the teeny tiny patient group which, at the beginning last year was only known by us, our TMF peeps and its own members, today is known in the whole World Wide Web. Indeed, not only have they created a blog where they post useful information, their news and activities, but they also have a […]

GOALS 2011 Max India takes a look at how we got to where we are and where we want to be by the end of this year

What began in 2001 /2002 when about 15 patients enrolled in the STI517 Trial were transferred to the newly formed GIPAP, has in the past ten years grown into a juggernaut of an access programme. At last count we have 13,347 patients to manage and the Max India office has over 16 (full time and […]

Communication through Snail Mail

The previous post went away only with half of the pictures… Resubmitting 🙂 🙂 Some time early last year we realized that we had to look at one major area of concern with extra attention. This was the large number of patient cases in the programme that were being auto closed due to “lost to […]

Magic Show: See how Larry converts wristbands into $4000 USD

In the US and in other countries, we’ve worked with patients and families who can’t afford treatement to think about fundraising as an option for their treatment-related expenses. One such caregiver was Larry.  Larry is the patient’s grandfather, and someone who the social worker considered active, ambitious and out-going.  WOW.  Larry is all of those things and […]

Winning the Lottery

Sending you off this April weekend with the joy that must come from winning the lottery… I had been working with a young, pediatric patient and his mother to help them access treatment.  Today we discovered that our hard work has paid off.  First Hand Foundation will award this patient $20,000 USD to begin treatment!    This […]