A is for Alive B is for Believe and C is for Cure

As you are all aware work took a few of us to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis this June. Earlier this year , I had been reading about the contribution to Cancer research and care from this institution in what has now become a sort of Bible in my Cancer Book Shelf – […]

With Love in Every Stich – MaxSmiles Thailand

This activity was created by purely Wasan and his wife ‘Ning’. If you think that Ning was training Wasan of how to ‘Crochet’ the hats, you are wrong. Wasan was self training by watching video clips on famous site Youtube and then made the first hat by crochet over a night. He was training Ning […]

A Friends of Max meeting with a difference

Pune is a city where the Friends of Max core group have slowly come into its own after being encouraged, mentored and motivated by the Bombay core group and the MI team. Each FOM meeting held here is bigger and better attended than the last. This city which is across the mountain ranges from Bombay […]

MaxSmiles New Year Party January 2011

Better come late than never. . . We would like to share you MaxSmiles celebrate a New Year Party on 15 January 2011. Me, Wasan and his wife were so exited preparing a party for MaxSmiles to begin a New Year. We want everyone to get at least a gift, so prepared gifts with raffle […]

LOGO REVEAL: Kids can rise above cancer too!

If you ever wondered how you could love our Brave Sparrow even more…Just when you thought that our amazing and friendly bird could not get any cuter…Today it is my pleasure, my honor, and my exciting privlege to reveal the adorable new mascot for the “Kids can rise above cancer too” campaign of 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This cute icon […]

Getting the troops together!

Greetings from a cold yet sunny South Africa!Wow the year has simply raced forward and I can barely believe we are already in the second part of 2011 and yet as the saying goes ” so much to do and so little time”.It is now almost a year since I joined the Max family and […]

“Kindness and love, can speak volumes even when words can’t”

Dear Friends! Today we have received a special email with kind words for the Independence Day holiday in the US. It came from our GIPAP Uzbekistan physician Dr. Kazakbaeva, our new MaxStation Uzbekistan, Sukhrob Saliev and GIPAP physician assistant Nargiza. They are very dedicated team and work very hard to support all patients needing assistance […]