Married for 59 years

I was so touched by this that I felt the need to share… I spoke to a woman today who recently lost her husband to lymphoma. They were married for 59 years.  She, her family and her community loved her husband so much.  He played guitar in a gospel band.  He donated his time and music to […]

Kiran volunteers visit child cancer patients on the eve of Eid

Kiran volunteers visit child cancer patients on the eve of Eid A group of 12 young volunteers of Kiran comprising school and college students celebrate Eve visited child cancer patients at Karachi’s Children Cancer Hospital (CCH). The idea was to let them feel the joys of Eid festival which Muslims celebrate all over the world […]

The Conquest of Bengaluru – by You Know Who

The Conquest of Bengaluru – by You Know Who Viji and yours truly descended on poor unsuspecting Bengaluru like “the wolf on the fold”. The fateful day was a Friday, but not the 13th, being 19th August, 2011. But no one is scared of us “Assyrians” any more, it seems. The traffic wound interminably on […]

Fourteen thousand and counting – Our Blessings

This morning the whiteboard in my room says 14009 Active patients in India . By now I don’t think the numbers matter any more . Whether it is 14,000 or 1,400 or 140 or just 14 ,I think all of us giver our total commitment to our patients. And it is not just us ; […]

A very special visitor at Max India

Prof John Goldman needs no introduction to any of us in The Max Foundation. A venerated member of our Medical Board and the Chair of the Board of Directors of the iCMLf, he has for years been the doyen and last authority on CML. ( ) In India he plays a very special role as […]