Can’t wait to share with everyone of you – Give Soap, Safe A Child Project!

When we from TMF Malaysia team read the email from Pat yesterday about this project, we knew we are going to do it – JUST DO IT! So, our cute Wei Meng has modified it quickly to suit our local set up, and invite MaxFamily, the local CML Support Group to join us in this […]

The First Multiple Myeloma Patient Meeting in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines, The Max Foundation is partnering with Celgene in RAP (Revlimid Assisstance Program) management. We accept, review and process application. Moreover, we provide disease education support, emotional support, and as well as other possible supports to the patients and caregivers. In Malaysia, The Max Foundation collaborated with Malaysian Society of […]

MaxSmiles Newsletter Working Bees – 9th issue

One of our enjoyment activities that every member always waiting for every time MaxSmiles Newsletter have been published is the “MaxSmiles Newsletter Working Bees” This time we were intent to have this MaxSmiles Newsletter sent our early of September together with the Celebration of Live 2011 flyer. Wasan and I spend most of after working […]

What did we do at the Summit? and more…

Some of you are aware that I have just returned home after attending the UN summit with Erin and from spending a couple of days in Portugal where I attended the opening of the CML ESH meeting and the advisory board meeting of the iCMLf. Here are some of the interesting meetings and projects we […]

Thank you for your visit David Palacios

On 17th September, 2011 we at The Max Foundation office in Bombay were all excited and waiting to welcome and meet David Palacios ( Executive in Patient Advocacy relations and Patient Access Programs Novartis Global), who was here on business visiting Novartis India. Shomasree the Novartis PAP coordinator accompanied him to our Max India office. […]

International CML Awareness Day

It seemed to be very apt and most logical that in order to celebrate the establishment of the first ever International CML Awareness Day we should engineer the coming together of those who mattered most in the management of this hitherto mistakenly regarded rarest of all Leukaemias – Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.It was ten years ago […]

Nothing is Impossible

Remember Jean, the pretty lass featured in the Colors of Hope. Who would have thought that she would be able to finish college? Jean was diagnosed with CML at the age of 13. She was terrified with the thought of dying young. Worried of her health condition, her parents wanted to pull her out from […]

Blood Screening for PGH CML Patients

Do you ever want to be poked by a needle? Well, definitely not me. However, for 30 CML patients from the Philippine General Hospital, to be poked was a blessing. Last September 8th was a special day for those who were pre-selected to undergo the free PCR and possibly mutation test sponsored by iCMLF. These […]

Maximize Life Gallery Opening

Maximize Life Gallery Opening The opening of “Maximize Life Gallery” held on September 5, 2011 was a smashing success for everyone involved: for The Max Foundation, Touched By Max, Inc. in partnership with Philippine Heart Center Art Gallery. The gallery will run for 20 days. The opening ceremonies for the exhibit, started with a short […]