“Amor a la Vida”    is a group at El Salvador, Central America.   They usually participate with The Max Foundation   in Maximize Life Celebrations. This year, they wanted to support the public hospital Rosales, this hospital has a new hematology facility.   The division is only women and men, so children are admitted and assigned in room […]

Celebration of Life, 2011

Celebration of Life, 2011 Cancer Awareness Program In Pakistan, the COL event was held in Karachi at the Children Cancer Hospital (CCH) Monday morning, October 31, 2011. This time we invited a batch of Beacon House School, ‘A’ Level students. The group comprised 30 top-class students who had earned distinction in various subjects. They were […]

Celebrating in South Africa

October is most probably one of the most beautiful months to find yourself in South Africa. In Pretoria, were I live, all the trees and flowers are in bloom looking forward to the first of the summer rains. With this promise of life so visible in nature it is also very symbolic and fitting that […]

Hospital Manuel de Jesus Rivera, La Mascota, (Hospital The Pet) Nicaragua, Central America, has new TVs at kids room

“Alas de Vida” is a patient´s group in Nicaragua, Central America; they wanted to work this year with the children´s hospital Manuel de Jesus Rivera “LA Mascota” (The Pet).   La Mascota attends many children of different diagnostic.   Also they have a space for hematology and oncology diseases.    This hospital has in total 32 beds, which […]

Oct 22nd – Another day with Max

Oct 22nd – Another day with Max(The tale of a second celebration) Calicut is a rich venue for FOM activities. Kerala’s liveliest core group resides there, and they have the active guidance of Dr. N K Warrier, GIPAP physician. For these reasons, it was decided to hold this year’s Maximise Life Celebration there.At the start, […]

Maximize Life Celebration – Calicut

Oct 21st Maximize Life Celebration at MIMS Hospital – Calicut 21st October 2011 was a glorious day for the kids in the Paediatric Oncology ward at MIMS hospital.MIMS is a path-breaking medical centre located at Calicut in North Kerala, and Dr. N K Warrier has been a GIPAP physician for many years. I reached the […]

Max’s Birthday at MI Office

19th October, 2011 was celebrated as Max’s Birthday. Well, we all wait for this day hen we step into the month of October. Here in the MI office the responsibility of decorating the office was given to the three of us – Leenata , Melissa and myself . We were very much thrilled and super […]

Touched by Max – Celebration of Life 2011

Touched by Max – Celebration of Life 2011 Celebration of Life 2011Medical Center Manila Auditorium October 19, 2011 The annual celebration of life is being treasured and the most awaited one. Joy and hope, camaraderie and faith, and triumph over adversity are on full display. It is a day for everyone, whether you’re a cancer […]


Chillar = Small change . Menudo . Chillar Party is common parlance in Hinglish for spunky kids : ) There are times when one’s own expectations are exceeded beyond belief . One sets out to do good, provide service, offer solace and support and knows that these are much needed and will be appreciated. That […]

And they all signed happily!!!!

In today’s world also cancer is looked at as one of the frightening health conditions and if anyone is detected with cancer they just feel that it is the end of the world for them. Many a times, people treat cancer survivors with disrespect and pity. People still have such a big stigma about cancer. […]

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