GIST Lay Forum

On November 26th, the very first lay forum exclusively for GIST patients was held at the Philippine Heart Center. The event was co-sponsored by the local Novartis. Around 42 patients and caregivers who are mostly under NOA program attended. Dr. Jose Garcia, one of our GIPAP doctors was the best speaker to handle the topic. […]

An Extra Special FOM Meeting

There are Patient Group meetings and then there are Patient Group meetings. Each one more special than the other and then there happens one extra special one and you are left wondering what is it that makes that one so extra special . I refer to the meeting we just had last Sunday – the […]

DJ Chan Fong is supporting cancer survivors! Sharing from Malaysia Team

On Nov 5 – 8 2011, with the supports from Malaysia Mandarin magazines’ publisher – Life Publisher, The Max Foundation and Max Family has been given a free booth at International Health Exhibition. What were we doing there? 1) Public awareness – continue our work to tell people “Cancer is treatable, NO DISCRIMINATION”2) Create a […]

ALIANZA LATINA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2011

  Many participants of hematology organizations who help patients throughout Latin America attended this November to the Alianza Latina Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   Includying my attendace representing TMF. It was a very important meeting because it gave the opportunity to many representatives to learn, show their work, meet other organizations and people and […]

Dear friends! During the existence of Nataliya Semez(The Max Foundation, USA) and Jordan Smith(Radich Lab specialist, Seattle, USA) in Uzbekistan, there was a big event not only for people involved in oncohematology sphere, also some state authorities, mass media and many local people of Uzbekistan. By their participation and performnce of their mission, we could […]

Kiddie Garden Party at PGH

We could not have had a more perfect day other than October 27th to throw a big outdoor party for PGH pediatric cancer patients. These past weeks the City of Manila has been experiencing intermittent rains. Amazingly, God blessed us with a sunny weather to celebrate life for cancer patients and caregivers. Around 100 kids […]

Encounters of the third kind

“Danielle’s physician” from Ghana (I love how we “own” physicians, patients, and even countries!) is currently in Portland doing her preceptorship. Given that she has worked with Dr Amma Benneh for many years and never met her personally, we said to ourselves “Portland, next door. Let’s go on a road trip”. So we set out, […]

Friends of Max do October proud all over India

From Delhi in the North and Calicut way down South, to Bombay and Poona in the West towards Calcutta in the East all the way across the vast expanse of this country of ours ; then again up from Chennai into the Deccan Plateau , where nestles Hyderabad above which in the neighbouring state of […]

UNOPS Guatemala joins The Max Foundation Maximizing life for kids !!

This year UNOP (Pediatric Oncology Unit Hospital) has been visiting some cities in Guatemala to raise funds to support cancer treatments for children who are attended in this hospital.    Parents who have their children at UNOP do not have to pay for the treatments or they pay a very small fee depending on their economic […]