A special event for FOM Kolkata

It looks like 2011 will end for Friends of Max Kolkata City Chapter on a very exhilarating high. They were all special invitees at the 1st CME cum Workshop on “Stem Cell Therapy and Research” held on the 27th and 28th of December in their city and participated in a Meet the CML Experts session, […]

MaxSmiles – First Outing, November 27th, 2011

Next day after the MaxSmiles East meeting, Dr. Mariam and Dr. Slipchai were hosting to take MaxSmiles group from Bangkok to sigh seeing Chantaburi. Starting from early morning, we went to pay the respect to the formal king who beat the enemies and protect the kingdom of Siam. Then we went for a very delicious […]

MaxSmiles Eastern Region Group – 1st Meeting, November 26th 2011

Hello again to all Big fan of MaxSmiles. We are proud to present one big meeting of this year, MaxSmiles has expand our support to eastern part of Thailand. First time ever that we are “Full Self-Support” (and drug company free) lead by a Hematologist and CML survival – Dr. Mariam Chetanachan. She came to […]

TBMCelebrated Merry ChristMax Last Saturday looked liked a a big food festival with all sorts of native home-made delicacies,desserts, viands, and pastas on the table. Everyone was excited to celebrate anearly Christmas party. As early as 8 o’clock in the morning, patients and theircaregivers started coming in. I was surprised to see one of the […]

ASH Highlights, including the big iCMLf event

Hi team, I am just back from San Diego where I was at ASH, along with Pat, Viji, Ines and Mei Ching.  I wanted to quickly update everyone on our collective successes because it was a great conference for the organization.  Of course, all of this exciting stuff means more work for all of us…:)! […]

Aria, Junior PO

Dear Friends: After 7 weeks of maternity leave, I am now back to work!  The time has flown by too quickly, but we have appreciated all the kind words and emails from you about the arrival of our daughter, Aria Mabel Brower. Yesterday was her first day in the office, and after a 1 hour […]

Maximo in Venezuela

Maximo is a how Maria Isabel, patient leader from Venezuela, named our blue sparrow. Maria Isabel also wrote a kids story, telling how Maximo is so brave. But you will have to wait until Maria Isabel and (our) Viji make Maximo a great kids story. I love the cake and the great story behind the […]


Tomorrow, Erin, Viji, Ines, Mei Ching and myself will meet in San Diego to attend the American Society of Hematology meeting, ASH. We have a very packed agenda and it has taken endless hours of many people in our team to get us ready. For sarters, we will be hosting again the iCMLf/MAX Forum for […]