LIFE requires Unconditional Strength

It has been a great experienced since I joined The Max Foundation. As I am penning into this fabulous blog I have been with this esteem organization for 1 year and 7months which is closed to 2 years as an Admin. Part of my work during my early days was to call the patients andinvite […]

A Friends of Max Meeting for the first time in Central India

In keeping with our goal of reaching out to patients incities , towns and regions hitherto unexplored and encouraging them to activelybecome a part of the MAX and FOM family , our first such location this year fora first time meeting was Indore . Indore is the capital of one of the largeststates in India; […]

Sometimes it is the little extra things we do ……..

“Sometimes it is the little extra things we do that makeall the difference. Thanks for sharing” Pat This is what Pat told me when I shared with her and Erin alittle event I was lucky and blessed to organise for a little patient . I do sowant to share it with all of you .It […]

For Sukrob and Gulnara

Here is a picture of Gulnara which is the Arabic name of the beautiful Pommagrate flower ; and like this beautiful flower , patient group leader Gulnara too has spread love , happiness and beauty to those whose lives she has touched . In India we call this flower Anarkali , whose name sake in […]

MaxSmiles – We are active patient supporting group – Douglas Story

Someone said “What is this supporting group for? I didn’t see any thing beside have lunch and talk. I am too busy to come join”. That made me think … is that right? … Recently I have received an urgent request from Danielle to help one patient in transferring to access the GIPAP in Thailand. […]

Under the spirit of Max small enthusiasms we can overcome barriers and support people!

As usual we have made a little event by support of leader of patient association in Uzbekistan. Her name is Gulnara Pahrudinova. 7 patients have given their blood sample to test for bcr/abl in Lab in Moscow, Russian Federation. Usually one person trevells to Moscow with blood samples. This time Gulnara took a responcibility and […]

Smiles delivered to the Ukraine

In the Ukraine we work with a CML patients group “Hosanna” and this year, Ivan, a leader from one of the regional chapters has volunteered to deliver 50 hats from our With Love in Every Stitch program to children at a local hospital. Ivan said that children were really surprised and loved the hats and, […]

Tribute to Max from Pakistan

This year again we celebrated Max’s birthday with love, passion & affection. Max is now increasingly becoming a member of the fraternity of patients, caregivers, physicians and emotional supporters and hardly needs any introduction. The patients and their families have been spreading the word of mouth & have started showing a unique relationship not only […]

In Remebrance and Gratitude

Dear all, today we remember a very somber day, the day CML took Max from us. Cancer is a mean disease and Max fought with great courage, but he had no chance. The weeks, days, minutes and seconds of the end of his journey will always be with me. The voice of Dr Talpaz saying […]

My Second Home –  MAX

How time flies! I have been joining MAX’s big family for 8 months. 8 months ago, I was just a new baby in this big family. Also, I started my first job in my life. At that moment, I was so nervous. I was wondering how my colleagues were: Are they friendly? Are they easy […]