Victim or Victor?

Victim or Victor? On 17 April a patient education workshop was held in Durban South Africa. This city is located on the Eastern coast of South Africa and is well know for its humid and warm weather. The theme of the workshop was; CML and Me, focusing on the patients as individuals, their diagnoses and treatment […]

Walk for Life

More than 300 CML and GIST survivors along with theirfamilies and caregivers joined the Walk for Life on March 24th. With us, was Pat who travelledto Manila to show her support to the advocacy campaign of Touched by Max, Inc.She joined the walk unmindful even if she had to be fetched from the hotel at […]

Updating Patient Information

Dear friends. We all face various challenges in our daily task. Over the past year one of the challenges I dealt with is outdated contact information for patients. Many times I reached out to a patient just to find that the life line which usually is a cellular phone, has been cut off. Patients are constantly changing their phone numbers […]

Along the journey, Destination may not be the most important part but the journey itself.

Hi everyone. I am Piyapong, one of the MaxStations in Thailand. I have been working in The Max Foundation for already 6 months and along this journey as a MaxStation I have learned a valuable lesson and I would like to share to all of you how beautiful and impressive to be part of this […]

2012 so far so good: our three year plan, our strategy and our early successes

We are already in April and other than wishing that time would slow down and let us catch up, things are looking great for The MAX Foundation. We started by defining a three year goal for ourselves of growing the organization. While the past three years have been focused on reaching the global advocacy field […]