A newly energized and happy Team at MaxIndia

2012 has been a year when MaxIndia has had to bid adieu to many of our old co-workers. We have on board five new team members and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce each of them to you. Peeking out from the corner of my desk I see all these lovely new […]

RAP: First MM Patient Meeting 2012 in Thailand

Hi everyone, I am going to share to all of you about the RAP MM patient meeting in Thailand. Sorry if this entry is quite long. You can skip reading and just view the pictures and I am sure they will tell you everything about the event 🙂 On June 2, 2012 was the RAP […]

Fundraising with MAX

In August 2011 Linda contacted us through the Helpline.  She and her husband were searching for financial assistance to help him access treatment at MD Anderson in Texas, USA.  Her husband has CML and had failed Glivec, Tasigna, and Sprycel.  They were searching for other options.  MD Anderson, a leading hospital in cancer treatment, was their next stop.  Linda creates […]

Note to self; “No glitter when flying!”

And so my journey started very early on Tuesday morning with my red carry-on bag packed with crayons, paper ,wristbands stickers and …glitter sticks. Of to the airport and a short flight to Durban I arrived at the ward ready to engage with the kids. I was fortunate to meet up with Veronique Garber and […]

Friends of Max in Chennai – service with warmth in the summer heat

The mercury rose to 43 degrees Celsius . It is not uncommon in Chennai , this kind of heat which threatens to make you feel you will implode and be reduced to simmering atoms on the baking ground . But on Sunday , the 10th of June it was warmth of another kind that permeated […]

Ines’ visit wrap up and Ksenia’s birthday

Last week, we ended a very busy week on a beautiful Friday afternoon at a local restaurant where we honored the end of Ines’ visit to the Global Office and celebrated Ksenia’s birthday as a team.   It was a momentous occasion because our Program Officer team was all together in one place!  In Bob’s absence, we channeled […]

Cancer Survivors’ Day in Bombay

Dr Suresh Advani , leading Medical Oncologist in the Sub-continent , and his wife Geetha run a support group they set up a few years ago and since last year have held their annula event on Cancer Survivor Day. Their group is called Helping Hand and a major focus of their interventions is on early […]