A Postcard from Heaven…

It was like a normal afternoon, Wasan handed me a mystery parcel from the MAX he got from the reception lady. I was wondering what thing that Global sending us since we did not remember that the Global Team would send anything to us… thought it might be another mission impossible for us to make […]

CLOSER TO PATIENTS, CLOSER TO MAX GIPAP team Uzbekistan visits Kashkadarya region,  17 – 20 July 2012 Introduction and background Kashkadarya region is located around 455km far from Tashkent close to ecologically contaminated region bordering with Surkhandrya close to Tadjikistan, where is placed Aluminium plant, under the exposure of plant waste products. Nowadays  one of […]

This is something I began writing maybe a year or so ago when a physician in Tata Hospital asked me to share the story of GIPAP , MAX and FOM – I think it was supposed to go into a journal but never did. I found it while looking for something else and decided to post it […]

Sharing Love to Pediatric Patients

Although belatedly, I would like to share the gift-giving activity we had on on June 23rd to the pediatric patients of the National Children’s Hospital (NCH). This is a small government hospital with around 250 bed capacity. The rooms are quite small and some patients have to share beds. In almost all our outreach projects, the Philippine […]

Chennai – A New Beginning

CHENNAI – A NEW BIGINNING Chennai is the biggest city in South India. In years gone by, people from the other three States as well as from the rest of Tamil Nadu used to throng Madras, as it was known then, in search of opportunities. Nowadays, just as it has happened to many Western cities, […]


KAY & ZEE – SISTERS IN A COMMON CAUSE Kay and Zee are neighbours in a poorer locality of Kozhikode (formerly Calicut). Kay is in her late 40s, while Zee is in her mid 30s. Apart from shared economic woes and a common ancestry, they have something else in common. They both have CML. Kay […]

David’s Story

David, one of the dedicated volunteer in Max Family and The Max Foundation Malaysia office. I would like to share his story with you. The below his script for one of the sharing sessions. David has given his consent to share this script at Pat’s blog. ————————————————————— Good afternoon everyone! I am David, Chronic Myeloid […]

CML Forum in Davao City

Through the  grant of Novartis, the first CML lay forum in Davao City was held on June 30th . It is located in Mindanao, the second largest island in the country. It was a little bit a challenge to organize the activity. The GIPAP patients I know live quite far from the area. Fortunately, the physicians […]

Ka, she who has never gave up. . .

Have you ever give up hope?  Have you ever give fighting for yourself?  I would like to share you a story that may encourage you to keep fighting for yourself and others. A couple of months ago, Danielle asked for information of the second-line drug options for non Thai CML in Thailand. She said a Cambodia CML patient has […]