International CML Day: México 2012   Last Saturday the International CML Day was celebrated also in Mexico. There were over 120 patients and caregivers commemorating this event. For the realization of this event the Mexican Association of Leukemia and Gist (AMELEG), The Max Foundation and Novartis joined forces to have the participation of many patients […]

The World Takes on Cancer at UICC

The World Takes on Cancer at UICC at Palais Des Congres, Montreal The World Cancer Congress serves as a platform for conversation and advocacy as well as learning and sharing opportunity for members and partners around the world. It brings together the international cancer control community to connect and discuss solutions to reduce the impact […]

Hello MAX Friends!

Hello MAX Friends, My name is Katie Boyle and I recently started an internship with The Max Foundation in Edmonds, Washington. It is exciting to join an organization that involves and touches so many people around the world! I am honored to join this community and to contribute to the good work that you do […]

International CML Day and Launch of the What is MY PCR Campaign in India

Ok , it cannot get bigger than this . A world wide campaign is launched based on a poignant , heartbreakingly straightforward appeal made by one young , bemused yet indignant boy fighting CML. I said to my doctor “What is my PCR? “  Just for having realised in that one micro moment the magnitude […]

As they say, “Long time reader, First time Blogger!” Let me share the newest rose in my garden.  While it is known as “Oranges and Lemons”, I think of it as “My PCR” rose.

My PCR experience..

We all are now totally geared up for the “What is my PCR?” campaign. We are only discussing about the how abouts of the campaign and are very much excited about it and want it to be a fruitful one. We are also encouraging our patients and most of them seem keen to join the […]

Envelope stuffing in Edmonds – From Pat

Thank you Wirat for documenting the message writing; it brings the project alive! We did snap a couple of photos here of the mailing part, but first let me explain how it needed to be done: We had 597 unique messages. Paula (who coordinated this whole thing here) made copies of all messages to add up […]

With love and appreciated …

I would like to add up to Pat e-mail today of the delightful we have got from the reply e-mail from Novartis. I would like to share you some part of the moment photos that I and my team have 70 postcards signed individually by CML and GIST patients and caregivers on their own. We would spell every […]