The changing yet unchanging face of the Patient Support Group Meeting

  If one steps back and looks at the years of working with patients and care givers , in this case almost 12 years , one realises that the more things changed the more they remained  the same  ..Then one realises that what remains constant is the mandate and the changes are in the given […]

Stomp Out Cancer 2012 – Kazakhstan!

Stomp Out Cancer  2012 – Kazakhstan! “Small happy story” by L.Mizionva(patient and head of  patients group) As we have planned for this year, Stomp Out Cancer 2012 project held in Kazakhstan was planned outdoor action event. Not all persons who were planned could attend, however we all had very informative, healthy and cool real story. […]

Source Of Inspiration

One couple came to the Max Foundation yesterday with their three year old daughter. I got the information from Saurabh via MSN that a woman diagnosed with CML is waiting and I have to see her. I called them to my work station. They came from Tata hospital; it’s one of biggest institute in Bombay […]

An Uncommon Day

A common day, I started my day with checking faxes, verification and recommendation calls. I started seeing patients at 11am. My first patient who did not faxed the renewal letter and got a lecture from me. He was a bit upset when I told him that he will get his medicine the next day. I […]

The last and most resounding Stomp Out Cancer event of the year in India

Exactly a month after we launched the Stomp Out Cancer in India with an Awareness Meeting in the scenic Lodhi Gardens in the nation’s capital , way up in the North , in Delhi , our last event for the year was held in the Southern most state of Kerala , by the shores of […]

I survived a Boot Camp.

On 15 November 2012 South Africa participated in the celebration of life by hosting a Boot Camp to Stomp Out Cancer. The event was done in collaboration with Adventure Boot Camps and  50 participants joined in the fun yet extremely challenging event. Boot camp Exercises include core conditioning, short distance running, muscular strength, jumping rope, […]

DANCING, RELAXING TECHNIQUES, MASSAGES, SNACKS AND FRIENDSHIP  TO CELEBRATE LIFE 2012 AT EL SALVADOR, CENTRAL AMERICA   On November 9th, I attended the Celebration of Life at El Salvador, Central America.   We work there with Hospital Rosales, also they receive pediatric patients from Hospital Bloom,  one of the pediatric hospitals which won  this year the proposal […]

CELEBRATION OF LIFE AT HONDURAS,  WITH AEROBICS WORKOUT  AND DR. CORTES COLOQUIUM Dra. Duarte and one of patients On October 27, I spent some days at Tegucigalpa, Honduras at the Centro de Cancer Emma Callejas.  We celebrated life with an energetic aerobics session and also we could watch Dr. Jorge Cortes colloquium.   In Honduras there are approximately […]

Colloquium in the middle of everywhere

Saturday, October 27th, was the day CML patients in 32 cities, in 14 countries in Latin America, all did the same thing. They all gathered together in a chosen location at their cities, around a screen and speakers, and they all listened through a Livestream channel to the presentation Dr. Jorge Cortés, hematologist from the […]

Another successful GIST meeting

This was the second GIST Support Group meeting we held at Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH).The first meeting was held on 11th August 2012. And it has been decided that this group will meet every three months .The number participants were double in this meeting as compared to the first and that is a good […]

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