The MAX Foundation, did you know…

Let’s play trivia (the game that tests a person’s knowledge in a particular area). First question: how many people work for The MAX Foundation? Another good one, how many MaxStations do we have? And my favorite, how many people in the Max India team? It is likely that most of you cannot answer these questions. […]

A Small Little ‘N’

Few days ago, I was at my house looking down the floor wondering about life. What keeps the individual doing things over and over again without feeling bored. Example a mother taking care of her family. Athletes keep practicing over and over again just to have the taste of winning. It is okay if you […]

Look what showed up at my desk

New and improved Maximize Life wristbands. Love being able to read the text from far away. Great for awareness building. Thanks Erin and Paula for making this happen! Now if I only was able to rotate the photos…

A VIDEO TO REMEMBER My dear friends and colleagues,   in February we did the videos for the World Cancer Day.    I did some videos with cancer survivors, hospital personnel, gym and friends.    With my family decided to prepare a special and meaningful video for us.    It was fun. My older  nice is studying her second […]

No , you are not a victim : Lessons learnt from the heartland of India

  This month’s MAX and FOM Regional meeting was held in the city of Patna . Over the last four years , it has become a ritual that we mark World Cancer Day in February , by organising a meeting in the Cancer Institute in this city , nestled on the banks of the holy […]

Touching Each Other Lives

One of the things that I wanted to do among the members of the patient group is the Buddy System. Be it between caregivers or among patients. Yesterday, I was surprised by two beautiful young women who have remained friends since 5 years ago. Jenny and Irene are both GIST patients who were both diagnosed in 2005 […]

V-Day with the PGH Pediatric Cancer Patients

   Valentine’s Day is the time of the year that people show their care and affection to their loves ones.  We celebrate it in so many ways worldwide.  We show our love by giving gifts, greeting cards, flowers or chocolates on this special occasion. TBM could not think of a better way to celebrate February […]

Ganga’s mother

Ganga’s Motherherself so youngpliantvulnerablesearching forshelter from thestorm Her babywho oncedanced bythe reedson the river side Needs to becarried acrossthe smallest ofstreamsnow That life forcein herhas lost itsdirectionandis taking heraway Beyond bridgesunknownthe currenttoo strongunrelentinguncaring AndGanga’s Motherpleads with hereyes But does notforget tosmile her gratitudefor the smileyou sent her way  

“I am sorry … I need to stay here … You will be alright … my boy”

One of the applications that came in to me last week was by a call from the pediatric physician requested to help her apply a young 10 years old boy who has got CML in Blast Crisis Phase to the patient assistance program for the medicine.  She asked if how the earliest that patient can […]

“Stop telling me to go see doctor, Grandma. I already feel better…”

Young Adult Patients Compliance. Although, there are less number of young adult CML patients who are in the patient assistant program, this group of patients is the significant issue here on how they taking the medicine or come to see doctors.  In normal people, young adult are facing the own issue like their age, psychical […]

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