About Me & My First Experience Working with MAX Malaysia Team

So here I am, writing this blog to introduce myself to everyone, before going into my first wonderful experience in working together with MAX Malaysia team members on Malacca CML workshop at Hospital Melaka, 9th March. Hello everyone! I am Low Shirleen, newly joined member of the MAX Malaysia Team. Everyone calls me Shirleen. I […]

Some thoughts after discharged

After discharged for a week, I decided to share some thoughts over the blog. I have been working at Max Malaysia for more than 8 months. When I started communicate with patients, sometimes they sound okay, but they will be the best person to discover their inner feeling. There was one time, when a patient […]

A small victory for some yet an incredible advance for others!

Since 2002 hundreds of South African patients have received assistance through GIPAP. Not only is the program saving lives it also brings a quality of life to many who had no hope.  A few years ago patients were diagnosed and informed that they had a maximum of three years to live yet when you ask […]

The Press comes to our Support Group Meeting : Patient Confidentiality compromised ? No ! Not at all

  Information is the most valuable commodity in the world today and what we do is all about giving our patients access to information that is relevant to their lives.   In all our interventions with our patients, their families and other caregiver friends, the one area that needs to be considered with as much […]

He will be in our heats … forever … (Part 2)

Father Jean Barry S.J., a missionary priest, who lives in Thailand for over 60 years, became a heart of MaxSmiles and great support to MaxStation – Thailand. Some of us may familiar with this name, especially people who join the AP meeting in Bangkok in January year 2010.  Only few of you may know that […]

He will be in our hearts … forever … (Part 1)

  As of every year since I start working with MAX, I will see Pat gives a memorable message to all of us about Max and his legacy during the month of March.  One of my dreams is to have the MaxSmiles member get together do something for remembering of Max in the month of […]

Cancer didn’t win

As you may have seen in the Maximize Life blog post March 9 is the anniversary of the end of Max’s battle with CML. I hate cancer, I really do. It attacks people I love; it is mean and ruthless. It takes some of them away; it tried to take Max. But thanks to […]

That difficult phone call that has to be made

She has just Lost the love of her life Her partner through Years of strife Taken from her Without a by your leave The stunned wife All of a sudden Bereaved What do you say Where will you find Those words pray That can comfort A broken heart So cruelly Cleaved You make that call […]

Session on importance of Grooming

Is it important to look good at work place? But for whom?  Grooming means use of loads of make up? Is grooming related to men and women differently? Does this relate to our feelings?   All the questions exist when we think of grooming.  Recently MaxIndia team had session on “Importance of Grooming”.  To be groomed […]

Hello from Fan!

Hello to everyone! My name is Fan from Malaysia. Thank you Pat for inviting me to this big family with full of joy and passion. First of all, let me say a BIG THAK YOU TO YOU ALL for your great work by giving love, help and support to CML survivors and myself. To be […]