Friends of Max Pune Leadership Summit April 2013

Packing of the kit bags  Ready and set to be handed out  The Bhai & Bhidu Show Planning  West meets North over breakfast The delightful interactions over breakfast Arrival of the Hyderabad City Chapter Early that morning Registration Counter  The Pune Warriors The Pune Warrior (Juniors) Signing of the map tradition continues Our Chief Guest […]

A very Bold and Ambitious Project : The Aspire to Inspire Leadership Summit for the FOM City Chapter Leaders

It was a bold thought that came to my mind early last year . To be very specific , the seeds were sown soon after the last Annual Meet that we held in Hyderabad towards the end on 2011. And it was ambitious too.  Ten years and six All India Meetings on a national scale , […]


The story of FOM as shared at the Leadership Summit via a PPT At a local FOM meeting in the city of Chandigargh recently , over 850  participants turned up . We had to abandon the Registration . Wonder if this was destined . Maybe there was no other direction this movement if you can […]


THANK YOU PAT Sunshine landed at Mumbai, India, soon after the Sunrise at Beijing, China. No flattery this, Pat. You light up the lives of a million members of the Max family. To be less cryptic; Pat had attended the Rising Sun Meet at Beijing only recently, but still managed to fit in a visit […]

May I introduce you … my colleague … Wasan Wasinprasert

You may surprise if I am about to introduce you of Wasan, my colleague that has been working with me for over last 3 years. Some of you may know Wasan in person by meet up with him during the AP meeting in Bangkok January year 2010.  Some may work together as Program Officers or […]

When is the next one?

When asked what part of my work I enjoy most I find it difficult to distinguish because I enjoy most of what I do on daily basis however should I be forced to choose something I would have to say that the patient group meetings and workshops are probably a favorite.Leading up to a patient […]

The Phone and You

Courtesy is as important in speaking over the phone as it is in talking to people face to face.  Since the phone is an important instrument in our daily business, Viji (Amma)’s brainchild was to have a  session on ‘Phone Etiquette’ The session was conducted wonderfully by our guest Benaz Chinoy under Ayeshah’s watchful eye on the 6th of […]

Mini Asia Pacific MaxStation Meeting 2013

It has been a long while that MaxStation in Asia and Pacific had the AP Meeting, last time was in Bangkok in January 2010.  It is always good to meet up and exchange the idea and experiences and synergize. This year, selective of the MaxStations who are working the Asia Pacific had a good chance […]

Great strides in the fight against infections at the Pediatric oncology ward in CHU Hospital, Lome –  Togo

Last year when Thomas, the patient leader from Togo responded to MAX request for proposal for infection control, little did he know that his straight forward and simple project of installing hand washing and sanitizing equipment in the children’s oncology  ward will take as long as it did!   He did not give up even after […]

The unsung heroes.

During a recent patient workshop in Durban I once again realized that we so often forget “the unsung” heroes, those who work behind the scenes to make a difference in patient lives.I always enjoy hosting workshops in Durban as the patient attendance is well established and those who do attend are very involved and spirited. During […]