The Rising Sun – Beijing 2013

The Rising Sun It was a great invitation both of us (Beena and Ayeshah) received one fine morning.. We were quite honoured and pleasantly surprised to be invited by the Rising Sun Steering Committee to attend the 2013 Rising Sun Meeting in Beijing. Both of us accepted the invitation graciously and got onto the task of submitting our […]

The first GeneXpert machine in India and a Volunteer Training programme with a difference

  Early this week I went to Chandigarh to be present at the inauguration of the GeneXpert machine acquired by the premier multidisciplinary teaching medical institute PGI recently .   This is the first institute in India to do so and MAX has had a major role to play in this acquisition . The machine […]

Thailand MM Educational Session 2013

Hi everyone! I am Piyapong… I would like to share the event of MM educational session in Thailand which took place on July 6, 2013. This was an event integrated with MaxSmiles monthly meeting. The meeting was from 10.00am to 3.00pm. We started with registration. There were around 30 patients and caregivers with additional of […]

When Barbara and Craig came visiting…..

This blog did take some time to come but I really wanted to capture the wonderful visit and time well spent. Craig and Barbara, when we heard from Viji that you were coming to India we all were really very happy and excited at the chance to meet you both in person. That meant gone […]

A lesson re learnt today

One of our old (by old I mean on the programme right from the beginning ) and very dear patients  came to see me in the office today. He wanted to discuss some issues regarding his treatment and spent the whole of lunch hour chatting with me. It was apparent he was in need of […]

2013 Maximize Life Campaign Proposal Update!!

Hi Team! First I would like to start by thanking all of you for your hard work and out reach efforts for this year’s RFP process. I am happy to announce that we received 50 proposals, which is nearly twice as many as last year! To ensure that ample time is dedicated to the evaluation […]

Disease is cruel, but it is one of our greatest teachers in life

“You know…She wanted to change new glasses, she wishes to buy a small new car so that she could drive. She wishes to go to a few places to enjoy her favourite foods. She is hoping to see her children get married; she wishes to spend more time with me at home. She is such a nice […]