“It’s all right. I’m not upset. After all, they were just things. When you’ve lost your mother and your father, you can’t care so much about things, can you?”

the title is a quote from one of my favorite authors : ― Kazuo Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans   Suresh is in his late 30s and works as Junior Engineer is a telecommunications outfit here in Bombay. He was diagnosed with CML in 2005, and I remember him to be a very shy, self-effacing […]

Patient Education Workshop for Multiple Myeloma patients & caregivers 2013

MAX Malaysia team has held our 2nd patient education workshop for Multiple Myeloma patients at University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 22 June 2013. Patients and caregivers had learned through the educational session with physicians and pharmacist. Everyone also had a great time especially during the physical exercise activity together with the physiotherapist. The […]

Thailand: Happy Mother’s Day…

On August 12th, in Thailand, we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday and also the Mother’s Day.  Since I remember, the Mother’s Day does not mean much to me.  It just the day that there is no mother came to my school on this day for me to give hugs and give the small jasmine bouquet, difference from my […]

Women’s Day

A Cancer Survivor Shares her Blessings with Pediatric Cancer Patients

Seven years ago, Jenny was diagnosed with GIST. I remember visiting her in the charity ward of PGH in distressful situation. She was excruciating in pain amidst the congested ward of the hospital. Wasting no time, she was enrolled in the drug access program. Her battle with GIST was not an easy one. She had […]

MAX creates awareness among a group of college students

On May 14, MC and I received an email from Pat. A group of Malaysian students wrote in to info inbox to seek for support on their college assignment. They would like to seek support to provide them with a venue, for them to conduct an event for children affected by cancer They are communication […]

Our Saturday Vising Speaker – an Oncologist visits MaxIndia

MaxIndia works on the first Saturday of every month and this is when we try and do something that is a learning and a team building exercise – A lot of interactive sessions are planned and are very helpful in our day to day work. Like earlier I remember Vijaya had posted the super session […]

Reflecting on reflection.

It is one of those calls that happen every so often when you have to call a family with the passing of a loved one. We call to convey our sympathy and also to provide support and in some cases we call because we knew the patient very well and want to share with the […]