GIST SUPPORT GROUP MEETING – 15TH September 2013 Over the last decade and more Max India has been organising The Friends of Max patient support group meetings in different cities all over the country. These meetings have been held for CML and GIST survivors.  GISTers attending these meetings over these years, would always seem to […]

TBM campaigned for “What is MY PCR” at the PSHBT Conference

Below is the write-up written by Rod Padua, TBM President as he relates the campaign we had during the PSHBT conference:   The biggest gathering of local hematologists for the year was held on 9-11 September 2013. The Philippine Society of Hematologists and Blood Transfusion (PSHBT) Conference was well attended with leading physicians and numerous stakeholders to […]

Costa Rica: Great experience!

 Dear friends from Max, I have decided to tell you about the great experience we had in Costa Rica. As you probably know, Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish; it is officially called the Republic of Costa Rica, and it is a country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the southeast, the […]

9/22 World CML Day 2013 “united all, unique all”

On Sunday , 22nd September World CML Day dawned bright and clear in two cities in India , on two opposite sides of our vast land . Jodhpur , in the West , in the heart of Rajasthan , the Abode of Kings and by the side of the vast Thar desert where the sun […]

Commemorating the World CML Day September 22, 2013

Posting on behalf of FOM Volunteer Sukanya as none of us could have said it better   World CML Day is aptly celebrated on September 22 because if it had not been for the fun Chromosome No 22 and 9 were having (at our expense), we would not be talking CML. But with Glivec and […]

Maximo goes to Kolkata – his first stop in India

No amount of planning and plotting , making of notes and lists , rehearsals and research can really prepare you for the real thing. For when you have to get out there into the arena and face your audience who are your ultimate test . Especially when you realise that they are armed with nothing […]

What does World CML Day mean to you?

Hello dear team, I hope this finds everyone well in this very busy time of year for all of us. I wanted to make sure everyone is keeping in mind that World CML Day is on the horizon!  In fact, it is only ten days away, taking place on September 22nd.  As most of us […]

Special project for you!

This is a short and simple sentence of e-mail subject from Pat which turned out to be a remarkable mission for me.   I hope you would come along with me on my journey and enjoy walking through this whole new experiences.  I would bring you along as you could look over my shoulder by this […]