“A message from the Heart”

All year long, we all have been working and advocating to cancer diagnosis patients. We have been advocating so many to each of patients, no matter in what kind of work and we do, or help that we give. Sometimes we do them without thought they are really work or job, and feel they are […]

Short story about how we could establish CML patient group in Georgia!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and to your family! This is a short story about How we could establish CML patient group in Georgia. Active GIPAP patient Boris M. had been contacting with Max Station about several times concerning CML treatment monitoring. Unfortunately, there was no PCR Lab for […]

Hats for Little Kids

 An early Christmas gift of beautifully knitted hats were received by the kids of PGH who are battling cancer. The kids were so adorable as they tried on their hats. Some even gracefully posed to be photographed. Their sincere appreciation and endless thank you from the parents were more than enough to make my day. […]

Maximo Inspired Cancer Warriors of PGH

Martin, son of a CML patient gamely acted as mascot to inspire the kids and parents at PGH Cancer Institute. The book reading happened on December 3rd while the kids were waiting for their turn to be physically examined by their physicians. They were amused and were active listeners through out the story telling. Every time […]

Updates from the region East Europe!

There has been launched a new CML patient group in Tajikistan. There are many active CML patients supporters gathered and establishing purpose to solve issues of CML in the country. About the organization CML patients in Tajikistan “Avicenna” Patient organization “Avicenna” organized on October 2013 to bring together patients of Tajikistan, chronic myeloleukemia  (CML ) […]

Bring-it-on Africa

After months of planning, thousands of emails and many hours via Skype we finally met in Durban, the continent of Africa uniting to talk about the issues concerning CML treatment and monitoring. In Africa we constantly receive updates on the wonderful diagnostic measures, the available treatments that prolong and provide quality of life and the […]

The Little Things We Do…

Time flies and it has been a year since I’ve joined the MAX Malaysia team. We embarked the journey with ups and downs during our course to support the patient and caregiver community. Miraculously what I have gained from them was much more than I could offer, they are all heros and fighters that taught […]