Life is so Beautiful!

Hello everyone! I have a very poor English and I do not have confident enough to write and comment in Pats blog. I wish one day if my English improve then I will come to Pats blog to write something and comment. So that everyone can understand my writing. BUT tonight I just feel like […]

Meeting with the E.T.

I want to belong…. This is what Claudia, 59 years old, an ET said to me in one of her visits to the office. No, I don’t mean she is an Extra Terrestial (E.T). Claudia is one of the beneficiaries of our Anagrelide Access Program. She has been living with Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) for the last 8 years. […]

Friends of Max Join the Walk Beyond Cancer The Max Foundation – India team along with the Friends of Max attended a three day workshop in Mumbai in Dec 2013, where over 80 NGOs came together to share their work, best practices and to learn from the experts present amongst them. In this great conference […]