Maximo Reading at St. Jude Child Care Centre at Tata Memorial Hospital, Kharghar

Shinu had been working hard on coordinating the Maximo book reading at St. Jude Child Care Centre at Tata Memorial Hospital, Kharghar. After a lot of effort, the reading was fixed for the 21st of February. And then, at the last moment the reading was postponed to 28th which was the day of Shinu’s wedding! […]

An year at MAX Mumbai office – Flashback…

Time just flies by. Everything said and done am very happy to announce that I joined as (Ms. Shinu) have completed my one year with The MAX family. Also happy to announce that in the meanwhile I got married on 28Th Feb 2014 and from Ms. Shinu (Shinu Thomas) have become Mrs. Shinu (Shinu Vishal […]

Dealing with the Vital Power of Social Media

“Yolanda’ hero Dario Raagas fights for his life vs giant drug  firm Novartis” As a first responder during Supertyphoon “Yolanda,” Dario Raagas helped save lives. Now, the leukemia-stricken firefighter is fighting to save his own. But his fight for survival has also meant battling pharmaceutical giant Novartis and its Manila subsidiary Novartis Healthcare Philippines (NHP), […]


            Saying “Namaste” is a way of greeting people in Hindi, the national language of India.  A big hello to The Max Foundation Family. This is Ameya Surve, new Maxstation from Mumbai, India. I joined Mumbai office on 20th March, 2014. I have a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Mumbai University. […]

What did I learn from 2014 ICCCPO Regional Meeting (Asia), 17 – 19 April

So, this is about my learning, follow up from Yee Jia’s sharing about ICCCPO Meeting. Part of the delegates during Day 2, Dinner How did we get invite to this meeting? The invitation came to The Max Foundation from ICCCPO Asia, and we thought it will be a good learning and networking opportunity for […]

Opening reception of the Colors of Hope Exhibit wows the community!

The Colors of Hope exhibit opening reception was held yesterday at the University of Washington, School of Social Work, and the Seattle and Edmonds community loved it! Of course, this is of little surprise to us at Max who already know how phenomenal the artwork and artist messages are, but the feedback that we received […]

Maximo Flying to South Korea @ 7th ICCCPO Asia Meeting

  This is the eighth month I have been with MAX. Before I was assigned to coordinate Maximo storytelling sessions around the paediatric wards in Malaysia, I have never imagined myself being inspiration to the children. My ability with the past experience in media industry, perhaps, is not enough for them. But one thing is […]

GIST Support Group Meeting – An initiative of Max with Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai

Over these past two years MAX and Friends of Max have been having a quarterly GIST Support Group Meeting. The first meeting was held in Tata hospital on 11th August, 2012. I remember there were only nine patients and their caregivers who attended the meeting. Last Saturday i.e.12th April, 2014 we had another successful meeting […]

Miracles of Science vs Human Negligence

He really would not have had even the slimmest of chances. The speeding truck apparently mowed his little car down, leaving nothing behind except a mangled mass of metal that snuffed his life out and the crushed and twisted remnants of his cell phone from which the Police managed to retrieve the SIM card. Which […]

Bringing Patients & Healthcare Team Closer: Haematology Family Day 2014

Haematology Family Day is a day for all the blood cancer patients and families to come together in order to forget the pain and indulge themselves with the simple happiness with their family. It is also an excellent platform for patients and caregivers to meet up the hospital healthcare team to have a fun day […]