With love in every stitch Chile!

Since I knew that I’ll have the oportunity to receive hats from the worldwide campaign with love in every stitch I was absolutely happy. I was excited with the idea of organize an activity with kids. For me they are really special, they have a bright that comes from their hearts. I started looking for institutions […]


  Recently, I got a mail which read,  “People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime…”. So very true! When Max walked into my life with Viji on the 29th of July 2004, exactly ten years ago, how was I to know that he had chosen me for a reason […]

Fundraising in the era of social media, and my birthday fundraiser

You all might have seen that I have donated my upcoming birthday to our cause. Here is the link to my fundraiser, take a look Given that there are only a few days left in my fundraiser, I wanted to explain a little about what I have learned on fundraising in the era of […]

Children´s day: Full of magic and fun!

México D.F. Children´s day: Full of magic and fun! Hello Max team, this is the first time I write in the blog, so I´m very nervous but I want to share with all of you a beautiful experience of a special day. First I´m going to introduce myself, my name is Estefany Green, I am […]

MM patient meeting in Thailand 2014

On April 2014, I got an email from Mei Ching informing that I could organize MM meeting in Thailand since she has got grants from Onyx Pharmaceutical to manage 2 MM meetings each for Malaysia and Thailand. My first reaction on this news was smiling. I was so happy knowing that we finally could have […]

Hi everyone. My name´s Martha Rosario Molina, I was born on August 19th at Dominican Republic, an island of the Caribbean. I´m a mother and wife. My academic background is in Business Administration and currently ongoing clinical psychology career. Since 2003, when GIPAP started in Dominican Republic, I have been privileged to be part of […]


RISING SUN MEET 2014     Be it the FIFA World Cup of Football in Brazil, or the All England Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, or Australia meeting England in a Test match at the Lords, when the best meet the best, it is always a pleasure to be present as an observer. The Rising […]

CML & Myeloma Patient Congress 2014 in Malaysia, Education Sessions are available in video record, via The Max Foundation Youtube channel

So we read about Aina’s post about 4th Patient Congress for People Living with CML and MM, in conjunction with MSH 2014 earlier here We did record for all education sessions by speakers during the day, as we thought it is a good resource to share among patient group post congress (especially for those who were unable […]

Hello from Max Malaysia

So hi to all from Malaysia.  It has been a busy half first year for Max Malaysia team, and this month, the Ramadhan month will give us some space to breath and slow down as no patient meetings/activities during Ramadhan, to respect our Muslim friends and community.  When I say this month is giving us […]

New Experience New Learnings !!!

Hello everyone I have completed two years of working with The Max Foundation. It has been really an amazing journey. In June 2012, I joined MaxIndia office and I was looking after the MaxStation responsibilities. Gradually I was given some more responsibilities like taking care of MI Office library, Maintaining Pregnancy list (Patients with and […]

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