Lets hope to achieve our long run planned objectives – for the welfare of CML patients in Uzbekistan!

Due to Collaboration MoU between Federal Center named Almazova, St.Petersburg, Russia under Prof.Zarizkiy and Research Institute of Hematology and Blood transfusion MoH of Uzbekistan under main hematologist of the country Dr.Kazakbaeva and by support of Max in contextual communication support , there are  planned research works on CML treatment and monitoring/adjacent symptoms with Glivec in […]

Volunteering action – moto of CML patients’ League in Uzbekistan for 2014!

Volunteer 2014 Campaign is continuing its active work in Uzbekistan. Group of Volunteers name “Art Group” consisting of young students Tashkent Westminster University and staff members of Uzbekistan airlines Co, had an initiative to Draw attractive pictures of famous Cartoon objects on the walls of the Pediatric oncology board of Hematology Center in Uzbekistan by […]

Jacinta, the brave patient

One Saturday per month, the local patient association in Argentina, ALMA, organizes a meeting with different activities for patients with CML. Some of those patients belong to the CML Alliance Program I carry out, so these meetings are a great opportunity for me to know in person and have a direct contact with each one […]

Reaching out into the other India

When one thinks of India, one usually thinks of the bustling metros like Bombay, Delhi, and Calcutta. Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai. But in reality, India is all of these cities and many, many more other smaller towns and villages. For some time now it has been our goal to reach out into these second tier […]

Volunteering action – moto of CML patients’ League in Uzbekistan for 2014!

Group of people from different background and social/business sector in Tashkent organized special event, fundraising and dispensing gathered amount for patients with different oncohematological diseases. Main idea is to share happiness and solidarity  to the families of patients with cancer. Particularly, to the families with restricted income. One of the recipient is Shoira, CML patient […]