Hats for Little Maximos!

It was amazingly beautiful to see the faces of small children queuing up to choose the hats they like. The distribution happened last October 23rd at the out-patient department of Philippine General Hospital. The kids were fascinated with the colors and designs of the hats. They gladly tried it on and proudly showed it to their parents and […]

Maximo Visited the School for Chronically Ill Children

On October 28th, the story of Maximo and the Big C was shared among the students of the UP-PGH School for the Chronically Ill Children (Silahis ng Kalusugan). The school is located near the pediatric wards. The classes are for regular students with chronic illnesses and not for those with developmental delay. Being an accredited […]

2014 Maximize Life Campaign: That’s a Wrap!

It is hard to believe that October will be over at the end of this week! It was a busy month for all of us, as it is every year, and it seems to sped by faster than ever. As October draws to a close, so does our beloved 2014 Maximize Life Campaign. I wanted […]

A few photos from our first days at HQ’s Seattle Office

Q & As (A Blog)

Q & A s   Where did we choose to celebrate Max’s birthday this year?  Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum, the largest and busiest Regional Cancer Centre in the South . (That it is the only one is a top secret !). And, that the date was 19th October, 2014 is strictly for the uninitiated.     Why […]


PCR AWARENES CAMPAIGN 2014 UZBEKISTAN Uzbekistan patient’s group and physicians re actively participating annually in the Max projects. This year Maximize Life and PCR awarenes campaign2014. One of the important milestone was invitation of Dr.Turkina – hematologist from Russian Hematology Centre in Moscow, Russia.I can explain why: 1. Dr.Turkina and hematology department had worked with […]

The BIG Move

As all of you know by now, we are moving our Headquarters to the City of Seattle, and today the move is imminent! It is happening this Friday, and by Monday October 27th we should be operating out of our new awesome desks that Barbara has envisioned for ourselves.   Tomorrow, Thursday is the last packing […]

The Joy of Serving : Open House at the India Office to honour Max

Another Year, another October and another chance for us to relook at what inspires us to continue with the work we do. October is synonymous with Max and his birth date. In his name on this day we dedicate ourselves all over again and feel as one even though we, the Max Team is scattered […]

October 19th; Max’s Day, and the launch of our Annual Giving Campaign

October 19th is The Max Foundation’s Day; Max’s Day. A day when we celebrate his life and the day when all of us friends and supporters of The Max Foundation feel most connected to Max. As a public charity, not for profit organization, our mandate is to channel community resources to the constituents we serve. […]

I am Maximo, I am MaxSmiles!

MaxSmiles Celebration of Life 2014 and 7th Year Anniversary. Saturday, October 4th, 2014, Xavier Hall. Bangkok  Thailand. Here again, for the fan of MaxSmiles and MaxStation Thailand.  This is another sharing story and photos that hope you would enjoy.  As of every time that photos tell million words, and hope this post will bring you […]

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