Santa’s secret visit to Max India Office.

Just a day before Christmas on 24th Dec during lunch time we were discussing about Secret Santa parties held at different workplaces and how it became a part of our working culture. On the same day we decided to have this fun at Max India Office too. Komal took the initiative and arranged everything. She […]

14 in ’14 Meetings and Drama Therapy as a new tool

An end of the year note from Priyanka detailing the patient support group meetings we have organised this year alerted me to the fact that counting the last one we had at Raipur last week the total was a mind boggling 14 number of meetings in 2014 . Going about planning and organizing these meetings […]

Exhale, Inhale, Go. Happy New Year!

The end of the year is often a time of reflection for me; perhaps for many of us, mostly because email load dies down somewhat, and everything seems to slow down. Ok, not ‘everything’, some of you seem to be going into 2015 at 100 miles per hour! In any case, 2014 was like this […]

Without rain, there would be no rainbows! The first CML patient workshop at Yogyakarta!

We have received a request from a passionate medical oncologist (Dr. Johan) at Yogyakarta 1 year ago (Dec-2013), asking Max for support in hosting a CML workshop for Yogyakarta community. Due to various issues and concerns, the plan had not been materialized. Till Aug-2014, we managed to reconnect with sponsor who is also the liaison […]

Happy belated birthday to me … Only the thoughts that count…

If anyone ask me of when is my birthday…  My answer would be “Two days before Christmas”, then they would say “Is that mean December 23rd?”.  I would say “No, in Christian Church..we celebration Christmas in the night of December 24th, so the Christmas day should be on the day, then my birthday is on […]

With Love in Every Stitch: Nicaragua Dear colleagues, I am so glad to write this blog and tell you about this great adventure. I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua for the Maximize Life Event. I had the experience of meeting our patients. Maximize Life Event Nicaragua   Antonia Fernanda is our Little warrior. […]

MM patient meeting in Udonthani province With the success of conducting Annual MM patient meeting in Bangkok, the city of Thailand, still there were MM patients and caregivers who could not join the event due to the traveling difficulty. The Max Foundation in Thailand concerned also with the need of having another MM education for […]


While we are heading towards the end of the year, I always think about the New Year and not forgetting the upcoming Christmas celebration. Turkey, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, jingle bells are the first few things that came to our mind whenever we think about Christmas. As for me, this year is a little different. […]

Maximo @ Malaysia

It has been nearly 14 months since Maximo kicked off its national tour in Malaysia. With the wholehearted support of Max Family, we managed to send Maximo to 18 storytelling sessions across the pediatric wards in the country. It is not a big number. But, it is an important indicator to keep moving closer to […]

The New View from Here

The first thing most people say when they enter the new office is, “How light it feels”  and “How cozy this space is!”  For an office space with only one set of outside windows, views of the city of Seattle in sunlight or the grey light of a cloudy day, are visible throughout the entire office, with it’s […]