WIDE AWAKE IN SEATTLE The Proud Moment “Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental”, said Meg Ryan in the classic RomCom ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. I believe she was wrong there. Mostly, what gets served up by “destiny” is what we have earned.  At Seattle […]

My first presentation at the FOM Pune Patient Support Group Meet

Recently we had a CML & GIST Patient Support Group Meet in Pune. It was a great feeling to attend the meet. This was my second outstation meeting and under Amma’s guidance I gave a presentation on compliance. It was an amazing experience. Thank you Amma for giving me this opportunity. Presentation on compliance  CML […]


‘’ENCOUNTER…’’….here indicates a friendly convergence rather than any hostile or adversarial confrontation with the Pune warriors. They had already created history during Pune Leadership Summit in April 2013. After that I had no chance to go to Pune as I was a volunteer till recently. When Amma asked me whether I would accompany her and […]

Visit to the City of Dreams

In this New Year we welcome our friends from far and near to experience our special trip to the Max Foundation’s India Head Quarters in Mumbai. It is a place where our mentor Viji ‘Amma’ and part of our dream team helps us deliver the good work efficiently, promptly and with compassion. We arrived at […]

An afternoon at Patan Hospital

Over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays I had the privilege of taking a vacation trip to Nepal. As many of you know, the mountains are my favorite place to spend my free time, and the Himalayas had been on my dream list for many years. While most of my time was spent trekking in […]

What’s up in Whatsapp.

As many of you know Danielle and myself have been working with the Africa region to establish sustainable patient groups and a patient group network CML Life Africa. Even thou are challenges are so similar to the ones in your region they are also very different. Africa is different. We have various unique challenges and obstacles to overcome […]

Death be not proud

 I did not know the ESPN sportscaster who died . But I felt the loss in the same way as so many of my friends who knew him did; those who watched his shows , who were touched by cancer themselves and to whom he had become an inspiration.  My brother who has lived in […]

A new year, A new experience, Baking with family

Six days ago, i learned to bake. Never ever know that i can bake basic bread now! Thanks Mei Ching and her dad and sister for teaching me this skill. As least now i can bake my first bread and cake and many more to come… They brought me to buy my fist oven, baking […]

Bring Joy Home: Ending 2014 with Laughter’s of children in Hospital Paediatric Ward

How did Max Malaysia team end our Y2014? We ended it with a BANG! It all began when we wanted to give out Maximo Storybooks to the brave little fighters in the hospital wards. That got us thinking… why not also give out some gifts for the children! Since most of the children would not […]

Social Media and it’s enhanced presence in my life these past 12 months

All of us I am sure, can with great satisfaction, say that we have indeed harnessed the power of Social Media and made sure it works for us in our interventions with our patients . Seeing it feature in PATS as one of the means of contact with the patient is proof enough that this […]

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