Promotion to all Max Team members as an Uncle or Aunt  :)

Two years ago in 2013, a girl came to our office. Amma had a discussion with her about 10 minutes and then she was made to participate in our ‘Working Saturday’ session. As soon as the session got over Amma shared with us the good news that this girl (Shinu) is chosen as Maxstation and […]

It is Max; everyone’s a winner!

Hi team, I am following up on the latest Pop Quiz from Pat in our series on ‘How well do you know The Max Foundation?”  Everyone did great on this one!!!  The winner is…Max! I am taking the opportunity to share some language (below) around this exact topic that is directly pulled from our Brand […]

Kicking Off the 2015 Maximize Life Campaign!

Hello everyone!! With June right around the corner, I wanted to send out a reminder that we will start accepting Maximize Life Campaign Event Proposals starting next week on June 2nd!! This is just the beginning of one of the most energy filled and inspiring initiatives that we do at Max, and I am super […]

How well do you know The Max Foundation? Pop quiz # 2

Dear team, I was very pleased with the responses to the first pop quiz, I think we all remember the mission of the organization now. So here is a new quiz, this one a bit harder! What is the official short name for The Max Foundation?           A.     MAX     […]

A wonderful story for your Monday morning, please read on…

My little (long) story has many parts to it, but I would like it to start in early 2007. We were in our old office in Edmonds when we received a package from Bangladesh. Given that Charlene was the program officer for Bangladesh, it was given to her. Charlene and I opened the package only […]

Pop quiz: what is the mission of The Max Foundation?

This is a quiz, for all 53 people who make the Max team. Do you know what is the mission of The Max Foundation? Are you sure? Go to our website (i will ask Craig to tell me how many people go to the website today). Go to our website and find the link to […]

Prequel – Chai for Cancer – A Unique Awareness and Fundraising Tool

At the Leadership Summit ‘15 (yes it’s not over yet J )  Leadership Summit 2015 at Hyderabad – 18th & 19th April 2015 on day 1, after the medical session, was the tea-break and then started session 2 with more tea – though figuratively not literally! We had the session on Chai for Cancer: A successful […]

Introducing Josué Blanco

Hello Max Team! After a great first day at The Max Foundation, I’d like to properly introduce myself. I’m Josué Blanco and I’m joining the team as the Communications Officer. I’ll be working closely with Erin Schwartz to develop and implement Max’s communications and marketing work: from small efforts like 140-character tweets to large projects […]

Chai for Cancer – A unique awareness and fundraising tool

      In just another few hours we will be launching Chai for Cancer 2015 . The first Adda is being held tomorrow morning at the biggest cancer Institute in the capital city of Delhi and the next one at a Dance and Music Academy here in Bombay. The first is organised by the FOM […]

Maximize Life Campaign 2015 – Yes we can!

Please read on; this is the introductory information to the MLC15; the unofficial launch before E. Lindsay’s official launch. The Maximize Life campaign is without a doubt and most uniquely a “Max” project.  It is the one project no other organization can implement. Held in October every year, it celebrates Max’s life. It gathers all […]

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