Blogfest Supreme from Latam to the World

Hi all! Long time no see! As you probably already inferred, it is not a custom in Latin America to write blog posts. It’s not that people don’t want to, there are no bad intentions, it’s more like people just forget, or are too shy to talk about their experiences in public. That is why […]

A Journey with Cancer and The Max Foundation Let me introduce myself, I am Jaya Namboodiri, a member of The Max Foundation, India, working at Beena Narayanan’s home office in Cochin, Kerala as an Admin staff. I joined Max in 2011. I would love to take you through my journey of how I became a […]

MM meeting: the lesson of finding hope in every day’s activities

Last 4th of July 2015, we had MM meeting in Bangkok for MM patients. It has been 4 consecutive years that we have this meeting. The situation of RAP (Revlimid Assistant Program) in Thailand is growing significantly. We have 200 more active patients in the program. This year I expected the number of attendants should […]

Max Crew who?

Every year Max Malaysia team would have around 8 patient workshops in different states across the country, and every time when we started to set up, we had to re-establish the connection with the local survivors-turned-volunteers whom we only contacted once a year – just for the patient workshops in the states they are living.  This problem had been around […]

Grief is selfish

I sat and wrote this maybe 9 days ago . Maybe 12 days ago. Thought I would blog it . May still do it . Been away from my base Bombay for almost 8 weeks now . Being away means missing out on many things . But the love and good times i find here […]

Birthday blog # 1 July 20. Title: Of birthdays, community and chai

This blog will be published in our external blog on Monday. I want to make sure it is not missed. You, your friends and family are welcome both to my home and to my crowd rise page.  Birthday blog # 1 July 20 Title: Of birthdays, community and chai I make a lot of decisions […]

Raise that ‘Cup of Chai’ and Drink to a Cause – Bangalore CFC

July 11, 2015 – It was one of a kind event where, for the first time a corporate was involved in the fund raising activity for Friends of Max (FOM) in Bangalore. The major contributor to the event was HDFC bank, which is one of the leading banks in India. The meeting was conceptualized by […]

Unfold the Story Untold

In our blog posts we always tell the story. Since this is about GIST which is a rare cancer, I felt the blog has to be “rare” too J I am not going to write the story – you have to flesh it out from the body of the emails below! Here goes ………………………. 8th […]

A couple of days, 8 MaxStations, 1 Program Officer and 1 Region Head: my take on the Latam MaxStation meeting

I had the great pleasure of spending 2 productive days with the full Max Latam team last week in Buenos Aires. Ines had organized this annual training for the region and I was glad to be invited to participate in 2 of the 4 meeting days. Day 1 was spent on presentations from most of […]