Ligth Within the shadows.

Fact: CML affects patients from every population within every country – many go undetected.Fact: Not all patients within the global sphere have the same standard with regards to healthcare and treatment.Fact: The drive for survival is a human instinct, one which drives us to find solutions and options when our lives are threatened.Fact: There is no magical solution […]

First Patient meeting in Senegal

First Patient meeting in Senegal A quick update on the work that I have been doing in Senegal since June. I spent the first couple of weeks registering the new patients in PATS which still is an ongoing process challenge because every week I get to see patients that were not registered but I feel […]

My experience of……

It was a casual trip to Bandra where I live and well acquainted with, I offered to help Amma buy the braces for her fractured (already healed by itself) foot. Enroute we just got talking about upcoming meetings etc. and conversation pinpointed towards the upcoming Chandigarh meet on 22nd September 2015 (CML Day).I have been […]

Passion for service

  Hi, my name is Lyat Granati and I’m working as a Local Program Coordinator for Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay since February of this year. I want to share with you the experience that I had last month with a group of patients in Talca, a beautiful city that is 3 hours far away from […]

Hot off the press! The Max Foundation 2014 Annual Report!

It’s been a week full of celebration at Max HQ: Pat and Viji’s birthdays, Pat and Tracey’s Chai for Cancer celebrations (along with Pat reaching her $5700 goal!), and today, the arrival of our 2014 Annual Report! This was especially exciting for me because it was my first big project as Communications Officer at The […]