The Poster Guys

18,000 can be a very overwhelming number and when you say 18, 000 patients , then it is even more so . Then when you say 18.000 CML patients you realise you are part of something that is quite a phenomenon. CML has always been considered one of the rarer leukaemias but today , working […]

Second patient meeting in Senegal

On September 12th 2015 I held the second patient meeting .The aim of this meeting was to create the support group with the members and to establish the goals. We invited the Physicians registered in the GIPAP program as well as the other Physicians in the field and all the other staff that work in […]

Maximo with the Cancer Warrior Kids

The Cancer Warriors Foundation (CWF) is one of the established organizations in the Philippines. Many years back, I was told that they have been instrumental in establishing GIPAP in the country. From then on, we would occasionally collaborate to help a patient with access to treatment. On September 5th, Maximo met the Cancer Warrior Kids. […]

A year full of happiness!!!

Hello everyone, I got up pretty early today I might add even surprised myself. I invested some time with my plants then revamped my bedroom closets and finished with sitting down to have some breakfast while I looked through some drafts and realized this was supposed to be sent in the month of August, but […]


Hi all! September is my month! Not only because in Argentina it is the spring season, but also because, as Mer told you, it is my turn to do the blog!! I decided to write about something that I really relate to lately within my career as phycologist, which is Mindfulness. I am the kind […]

World CML Day is Going to be Sweet!

Hi All! I wanted to take a moment to share with you about World CML Day and the exciting stuff that our Max team and the “What is MY PCR?” campaign have in store to celebrate! First off, if you are new to the Max team or are just feeling a little forgetful (it happens […]