MLC 2015 – Pune Event

               “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”                                                           This Mexican proverb comes to my mind whenever I think about the Duvedi family. Duvedi Family with Amma It’s a pleasure to share the story of this family whom I have had the honour of […]

12 Years of Maximizing Life

Rain or Shine… we continue to celebrate life! Twelve years ago, TBM and Max Philippines started celebrating Max’s birthday every October 19th. It has become an annual event which the patients always look forward to. This year, the celebration in conjunction with the Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign was held on October 17th at […]

Inspiration   Greetings my dear colleagues, my name is Evelyn Berduo. I am the Local Program Coordinator for Central America & The Caribbean for The Max Foundation. After the draw held by Mer, I was chosen to share a publication on the blog for this month. There are a lot of interesting and important topics […]

When the Universe conspires

The MLC2015 event in Ahmedabad last week was special in so many ways . Sharon has already shared details in an earlier blog post . Ushakant Shah who, when he was diagnosed , gave up his flourishing business and set up a non profit to help cancer patients less fortunate than him. Close to 75 […]


                        We celebrate the spirit of Max’s life every year through our MLC in the month of October or “Max” month as Pat calls it.This year we thought of honoring these extraordinary ‘Maximos’ who have not only coped with their diagnosis but have soared high and become shining stars in their service to others. After […]

Phone calls

During my university years, I used to have this fear speaking on the phone. Yes, it’s not a joke. You might wonder why. Firstly, I didn’t really speak in English prior to my university days so I had little confidence to converse in English. Secondly, Australian accent is somewhat sounded so unfamiliar to me. It […]

MLC event – Ahmedabad

                                                              (Ushakant Bhai)                                              […]

Maximize Life Campaign Achiever – Calicut

   A HERO’S DAY IN THE SUN    In keeping with the proposal we helped FOM with for this year’s MLC which was to identify /celebrate survivors in FOM who have achieved /advocated in extraordinary ways. Some of them found ways to give back to the community while some showed others how to cope with the diagnosis and […]

My Journey from being a Volunteer to Team Member…at the Max Foundation

Hi, this is Ankita Borkar.I joined The Max Foundation India in Oct 2014 and its been a year now that I have been associated with Max.I have got a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University. My previous job was in the sales sector but lack of job satisfaction made me quit it.           […]

I hope it’s not too late!

I was contemplating whether to write this post or not, because yeah I might don’t want to stop. Sometimes I can be quite an over thinker, so here I am continuing to hit the keyboards to fight that.I heard somewhere that over thinking might ruin you, well it depends. Hi everyone, my name is Waheeda […]

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