Monday morning reading: before eating cake

Happy Leap Day to all of you, and happy birthday to Cathy, Program Officer based in South Africa who is a leap day baby, congratulations, Cathy. You will be happy to know that the 5-year Leap Forward for Impact Strategic Plan was officially approved by our Board of Directors last Friday afternoon. Yay, and congratulations […]

Communications…more than just a website. But let’s start there.

Dear global team and Max Board of Directors, In just a couple of weeks, The Max Foundation will reach another major strategic milestone with the launch of our new & improved website!  The new website is more than just a brand rinse.  It is a full redesign that was created to achieve the following goals: […]

With a heavy heart, am re-posting Jaya’s blog from July 2015. Last year, in 2015, Jaya became a Max Station and her happiness knew no bounds! She was SO proud to be MS.  Jaya breathed her last early today morning but she was true to her name – ‘Jaya’ or ‘Victory’ Rest in peace Jaya […]

Nothing can stop you

Hi everyone, First of all, I want to say Happy New year! We always start each year with a lot of projects, desires, goals… so I hope everyone can reach your objectives. (Well, this is one of my first goals of the year… WRITING A BLOG! ) I´m Melisa Fazio, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Me […]

Happy (working) hours!!

When I joined the Max family I had no idea of what was my responsibilities, only thing I knew was I had to coordinate. Wait a minute, its not that simple as one could say. I needed a training, not for speaking but the tools that we will be using. Once that was done now […]

MaxSmiles: When Love is all around … ^^

Today, around the World may celebrate the day of love or we know as Valentine’s Day.  In Thailand, Valentine’s Day is a big thing when people go out and celebrate with their love one. I am sharing another story of Love among MaxSmiles.  For those who have been to Thailand and meet up with MaxSmiles […]


World Cancer Day 2016 – Yet another year and another day when hundreds of enthusiastic people gathered to pledge their support for cancer care.  It has been for more than a decade now that I have, on behalf of Max, been invited to participate in such important events. Each year is a new experience with […]

Max Schooling Project in Malaysia [known as Sambung Sekolah Project in Malay language, literally it means Continue Schooling]

We just had honored all people living with cancer and affect by cancer recently during World Cancer Day on the 4th Feb. In fact, I have learned that most of you and the patient groups in your country took part in the “We Can I Can” Talking Hands Activity. Today, I want to share a story […]

From Admin to MS to Mrs.

In this blog I would like to share my journey from Admin to MS and then to Mrs. I, Ms. Komal Surve joined Max Foundation on 15th May 2012 as admin executive. I was always keen to learn new things and my ex-colleague Ayeshah who interviewed me, assured me that there will be innumerable opportunities […]

Story Telling Workshop : Why and How to tell your Story

A Caregiver’s Testimonial . Gautam’s mother , one of our earliest patients who passed away ; his love for her is now transferred to all the other survivors in his city and state  As we began the New Year, and the calendar began filling up with meetings scheduled in different parts of the country, it […]

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