2nd Regional CML Forum

The 2nd CML forum was held on June 25th at Casa Real, Iloilo City. The province of Iloilo is the regional center of the Western Visayas region. It is a first class, highly urbanized city on Panay island in the Philippines. The distance from Manila (flying time is about 1 hour and 24 hours travel time by bus). No wonder, […]

Challenges in Day by Day Program in Chile When I started to think about what can I write, my first thought it was I want to show my partners from another countries how is Day by Day program in Chile and which are the challenges that I must face. For those who don´t know about […]

Max Family’s Special Post, Part 1: The Ten

This is the first part of the special post of Max Family’s 10 years of journey, with each blog reflecting these wonderful years. These are the wisdom from different people in Max Malaysia Team. So with that, we present to you… Family is the word… (Shirleen) As Max Family celebrates the 10th year anniversary that […]

Strategic Plan Update – Showcasing our Strategic Plan with a new Brochure!

Hello team! Our strategic plan in underway and we are hard at work to accomplish some very big goals over the next five years! We already have lots of spreadsheets, documents, and discussions about how we will leap forward for impact through this strategic plan. The strategic plan can feel overwhelming, so we decided to […]

The Climb: Tony Leo’s Story

“Passion is something that grips you, changes you and make you scale great heights where few will ever reach.” An interview with Tony Leo by Waheeda  It was in 2007, Tony Leo experienced a life changing event during his Mount Kinabalu climb. It was the start to the climb of his life. 9 years have […]

I am Tenaye A. Ashebir from Ethiopia, Addis Ababa which is the capital city of the country. It’s my privilege to be associated and part of the Max foundation. I am working as Ethiopian representative of Max station in Addis Ababa. I would like to thank the patient groups in my country that called me […]

never a dull moment

Being a Max Station for a year I can say there are no dull moment so during this journey I learned to keep my peace and balance in order to give the best of myself and be efficient at my work to help others. As of today , being a full time Max Station I […]


Last month I attended the GIST Horizons Meet in Spain representing The Max Foundation. Accompanying me was Nikhil Guhagarkar who was invited to represent Friends of Max . This was my first GIST Horizons Meet in the sense , the first time I attended one of these meetings after the segregation of CML and GIST […]

Magical May

May is the month we launch the chai for cancer in full swing and it is also the time for a patient support group meeting in Mumbai – Meeting in May has been like a ritual for our Mumbai crowd for so many years now. 22nd May – Sunday was the D day. Chai for […]

Chai for Cancer 2016 – On the right track

This weekend will see us four weeks into Chai for Cancer 2016 . A fundraiser that was a mad cap idea but somehow which is in its third year now and going great guns . Of course it meant a lot of tea , sweat and tears as this year we were racing against time […]